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  • Hey there! I really like your naruto story and I'm surprised to see you return. :D let me know when you start updating again. I don't really have much to say critique wise but, I'll say you update way faster then most an it can be hard to keep up with the story. Otherwise, you definitely have a reader. ;D
    i dont see your name, are you on the Pokemon Online Server? Its the top one, double click it
    Alright... I'm on PO as well but besides clicking Go Online I literally have no idea what to do.
    Alright. Any particular server you want?

    I've actually never used PO before (shame on me :O) so this should be fun lol
    I'll be good for later tonight, somewhere around 6:30 or 7 Central time

    so I guess around 2 hours from now

    and thanks, man ;D
    Alright, I was too busy to get on KHI for the past couple weeks so I wasn't able to meet the deadline for the 1st round. But of course I'm here now and I still want to compete in the tournament. Since my opponent Arausio didn't get on either, I asked Oberon if he'd be OK with me going up to the second round as if I'd won the first round. He said he'd be OK with that if you were OK with it. So I just wanted to know if you'd be OK with dropping your by to face me in the second round. I know that you're out this weekend, but I'm pretty sure Oberon would give us a few days extension to battle.

    You don't have to say yes, but it would make me a happy person :3
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