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  • Starting is the hardest part of anything. Like, with essays in school/classes even if you know your subject giving an intro is a pain. First person stories are easier (in my opinion) than third person though. What I like to do sometimes (its just my writing style though, so I wouldn't say it'll work for everyone) is to have the character show a stream of consciousness, if only for a second, and then explain the reasoning behind it. Here's one I did a long time ago:

    "I hated this mission. I had just started it, and already I could tell I hated it. I was crammed inside the ventilation of a very large building, crawling around looking for a specific room on the second floor. I don’t know if you’ve ever played a video game or watched a movie in which a spy sneaked in a ventilation shaft, but it is a hell of a lot more crowded then they make it look. "

    This might feel awkward to use as a tool, but once you get over the bump that everyone faces in the beginning, things will start falling into place, and it quickly tells the audience what's happening. Just from those couple of sentences, I can trust that the audience knows the character is getting his cloak-and-dagger on. And that he's not very happy with how things are going, if that matters.

    Or you can just go out and say what's happening, if you have an idea of how to transition it all smoothly:
    "I could hear the ever familiar slow beeping by my bedpost, as well as feel the weak but warm streaks of sunlight that reached my bed from the window above my head. Endless chatter filled the hall leading to my room, and as usual I could not make sense of any of it. The door opened and I lifted my head in time to see a man in a white coat holding a clipboard enter."
    It also depends on what tone you want to take with it though. With that bit, I had just wanted to introduce the doctor and get it over with. But if I had wanted it to be much more depressing I could have said something about how the streaks of light were weakly entering the room and were quickly diminished into the darkness, or something. Not sure how well it would have meshed though.

    Sorry, I was getting a bit off the rail there. I think it always comes down to how your character feels when starting out. Channel whatever emotion the character feels into descriptions. The hardest part is telling your audience your character's name, doubly so if (s)he's alone. Unless you plan on making the character mysterious or don't think the name is at all important you can avoid it until later (like when (s)he meets up with an acquaintance) but usually you can get by with a minor character asking for his/her name, or having the character fill out some sort of sheet (homework or a motel sign in sheet, maybe?). If worse comes to worse you can do one of those "My name's xxxxx! And this is my story..." though you should try to avoid that.
    I know that was a lot to go through but I can dense it down a bit if you'd like. Hope it helps though!
    Introductions are by their very nature, "clunky." You don't wanna give too much away, after all.

    Well, if your writing in First-person, you need to blend an introduction with character establishment. Since the reader is seeing from the author and/or the character's lens, it's a matter of what's immediately going on. You have to convey setting through context.

    For example, if your going for a cyber-punk sort of world from the eyes of a sole character's monologue, something like this might work:

    "Jim hated war, no matter how it was fought. It had been fifty years since the corporations took over. Now everybody used nanite and hacking tools instead of guns and tanks. But the result was a corpse. Like it always was."

    Right away, the reader knows A.) Computers will be a key element. B.) It's.a personal character-building story. C.) The narrator may or may not be un-reliable, as multiple factions are hinted at.

    Detail is relative if your using a single narrator because the context of what is making them ruminate is what links the story to the setting.

    Of course, I'm speaking generally.
    In a manner of speaking, yeah. But technically I think the opposite is true since Crystal herself didn't really do anything.
    It was fun to write though!
    Hm, very interesting. This randomly-ask-people-RP-questions gave me a lot of info about different RPers ^^
    That has been duly noted and I've made the template easier for those who don't enjoy writing too much ^^
    Your input is certainly valued, thank you :3 Hopefully you'll find interest in the RP I am presently developing, it's been years since I managed a RP ^^
    Question! How much do you think the RPers themselves should have influence to the RP's plot? Or should the manager be the one who directs everything?
    Yeah, Ez is a bit on the squishy side. And by a bit I mean he's as squishy as you can get.
    I haven't tried Nidalee before, I tried Varus a fair while ago and did decently.

    I'm planning to get Victor when I have the IP (or if I get Rp for Christmas) as a step up from Malzahar in mid lane. Malzahar is great, but I find I die a bit more than I should and Victor is supposedly 'lol mid lane god'.
    Yeah, that's what I've got Ez for. I'm not as good as I used to be though, because I'm trying the AD Ez instead of AP (which I usually play with.)
    My friend always insists he goes jungle as Vi, but when he comes to gank mid for me he misses his abilities and screws it up for me. He's pretty hopeless.
    I generally do get a jungle to gank, its just if they get their on time or not that makes the difference. (I like to have my jungle gank and then kill them instead of just getting them out of lane.)
    I haven't tried to deny him minion kills yet actually, I've been doing it with Nasus though because he becomes a scary bastard if he keeps getting that bonus damage.
    But why the hell was Kayle jungling?
    Go for Jade Dragon, looks sweet as. Or any skin at all, because when I go up against Wu I crap myself thinking of all the attacks that are gonna hit his copy and not him.
    But yeah Jade Dragon is much cooler imo.
    Oh Jesus.

    Brought Ezreal again three days ago, rocking a 10/3 average. Don't care about the assists, they're just KSed from me.
    I do have the template ready actually, but I have a sort of family emergency going on and that has further constrained my time. I hate how this keeps happening to me but I'm afraid I won't be able to participate in. I was about to post so in the Sign Ups thread, but I'm glad I found your vm first. Good Luck with the rp, and perhaps in the future we can rp together.
    Sounds pretty neat, but what is smart cast?

    Personally I think Heimerdinger was better before they updated him, because I could go games easily in bot lane with 12/0, but now it roughly around 8/3. I'm much better as playing Malzahar as my mage than Heimer, but Heimerdinger is just so much fun to play.

    I'd ask for your username but I probably wouldn't be able to add you since I use the Oceania servers, much better for Australia.
    Knew it :D

    Never played Rumble myself, should get around to it eventually. For some reason I can't play Quinn for crap.

    On the plus side before I refunded him I was king at 3v3 with my mates when I played Ez, wasn't too bad at him at all.
    Quick question:

    Your avatar wouldn't happen to be of Heimerdinger from League of Legends would it? It's just that I love that game and he's one of my best characters.
    If it's directly connected to the source material or takes place within the same world, it'd be canon (such as anything connected to the tangible Kingdom Hearts, be it an alternate reality or what have you). But if it was inspired by a concept from a canon work (such as creatures born from the darkness in people's hearts), and set in an original setting with no links to the canon work, then it'd be original.
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