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    The Halo story

    Hi there! Christmas has been and gone, and I got a shiny new XBOX 360 with Halo3! I've been playing Halo 3 and it's been great, except for one thing... as this is the first time I've had an XBOX of any type, (I had a PS2 previously) I've never played a Halo game before! So if anyone could...
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    Follow the star

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    Mashed: Fully Loaded

    I was just wondering if anyone has played the game called Mashed Fully Loaded for the PS2? It's quite an old game, but it's really good on multi-player. If you have played it, then say so here ^_^
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    So hard to find...

    I've searched in a lot of places to find KH: CoM, but with no avail. Does anyone have any advice to someone who wants to find the game, but has no access to a credit card and so can't use e-bay or amazon?
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    Can you see it?

    In the Secret Movie at the end of KH2FM, I thought I noticed something strange. When Aqua is holding Ven as an ice statue, do you see Ven's left eye move ever so slightly down? I'm not sure if I actually saw this or not, but now I always see this when I watch the movie. Can you please tell me...
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    How did you find out about KH?

    I was just wondering how people found out about KH, and decided to find out :P For me, a friend showed it to me. At first I thought he was crazy, playing a game with Donald Duck on the front... but I decided to try it out and found out that... I really couldn't be bothered playing on. BUT...
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    Which one?

    I greatly enjoyed playing the Kingdom Hearts series, and have decided to try out the Final Fantisy one. I'm looking on advice on which game to buy as a newcomer to the series, for PS2 (or mabye PSP as well) Which one did you find the most enjoyable and why?
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    How's this possible?

    Ok, I've been thinking of a little predicament, and I don't know how it makes sense. Do you? Remember when Sora first finds himself in Traverse Town and goes into the 2nd District? There is a guy there who falls over, looking terrified, and fades into the darkness, only to have his heart become...
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    Can heartless speak?

    I was just wondering something random... Can Heartess speak? I have a couple of arguments for both sides... On one hand, heartless are supposed to be purely instinctual creatures that have no mind (as it was left behind in the Nobody). So, in this case, surely Heartless don't have the...
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    What's with this?

    Don't bother posting... it's fixed itself