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  • Ahahaha lol nope.
    No prob. You sick or something?

    Been dandy, just trying to broaden my music tastes. You pumped for 012 Dissidia and KH3D?
    Just a lil bump since I didn't get a reply for about 3 months or so.

    Been good?
    I'll have to reinstall Messenger but I'll be sure to.

    I'd imagine more excitement during my absence, I'm sorry for the boredom ^^'.
    Why can't you believe it?

    I'm right here onii-san ^^

    It's a long epic involving obscure Biblical references, metaphors for governmental regulation, and a young upstart teenage boy that everyone can relate to.

    The computer got a virus, it took a long time to get another, mom got one, I just helped set it up, I'm back.

    Ok maybe the whole epic part was exaggerated ^^.
    More or less, yeah. Won't be that active so I'm afraid I won't be RPing with you guys anymore. But things have been pretty good on my end, how's everyone else?
    I put the option of eight to make it a little more interesting. Plus there's nothing really wrong with having eight :D
    I uninstalled the messenger from my computer. But I can try to go on through the email one.
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