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Recent content by Nightmare

  1. N

    Kingdom Hearts 2 Mistranslations

    i never knew of any mistraslations until late 2007
  2. N

    Sephiroth lowest level

    34, cause its hard to get that far without getting to a high lvl
  3. N

    Something i notices about the DS.

    well, that body type is the body type of anime, manly, strong men withour the giant muscles...
  4. N

    After BBS?

    Terra dies, Ven gets erased, and Aqua escapes to her own paradise...
  5. N

    Xion connected to Aqua?!?!?

    they have the same face, but Aqua is a little older Xion is TOTALLY flat, but Aqua got some. And their hair, looks the same, but Aqua is diferent color and is little bit longer also, they have the same character model thing... sameas Kairi, and i think Namine
  6. N

    Axel kills Xion

    Xion doesnt get killed, she "dissapears". Axel and Roxas team up to "'"""kill""" Xion for Xemnas, but they dont, they fake a fight, and Xion makes her getaway somehow during it..... evcerything thinks she did, but she didnt, and Namine erased Axel's and Roxas's memory of her to keep her safe...
  7. N

    KHO vs. RPG inferno

    so ya'll thing KHO ( Kingdoom Hearts Online ) or RPG inferno is better? i personally thing KHO, little to do NOW, but its gonna get better!!! the inferno just isnt my type of game
  8. N

    Xion- The .....

    yes, BUT that does NOT mean the next ban should be more the 2 months...
  9. N

    Xion- The .....

    nice, how long it take you to think of that?
  10. N

    Xion- The .....

    2 months go by REALY fast
  11. N

    Xion- The .....

    Xion- 2nd sexiest femae character is KH
  12. N

    Xion- The .....

    Xion- the Sexy as possible in KH, but not as sexy as Aqua
  13. N

    Your Favorite ► Favorite food!

    whats your favorite food??? ANY food!!!! from anywhere round the world!!!! the poll just has come common foods... mine is...... Pizza i cant thing of many foods now...
  14. N


    which is better. PS3 360 if you dont know what they BOTH offer, please dont vote, and if your a fanboy, also, dont vote....
  15. N

    Who here still plays this game?

    i havent had my ps3 for about a month, so i havent played it for about 2 months.... and i dont really want to go back, cause CoD4 online is great, then Mercenaries 2, then force unleashed, then Socom Confrontation, then about 6 other games, then M.A.G... by the time i rmember i have KH and 2...