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    KHO vs. RPG inferno

    so ya'll thing KHO ( Kingdoom Hearts Online ) or RPG inferno is better? i personally thing KHO, little to do NOW, but its gonna get better!!! the inferno just isnt my type of game
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    Your Favorite ► Favorite food!

    whats your favorite food??? ANY food!!!! from anywhere round the world!!!! the poll just has come common foods... mine is...... Pizza i cant thing of many foods now...
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    which is better. PS3 360 if you dont know what they BOTH offer, please dont vote, and if your a fanboy, also, dont vote....
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    BB trailer wth subs

    BBS trailer wth subs YouTube - Birth by Sleep - Leaked Trailer + English Subtitle its the same trailer, but someone added subs to it!! P.S. i hope im the first one to post it.....
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    keychain thing....

    i have no idea if people know this, but i don't care, if this is old, then just close this thread...OK...do people know that mickey's keyblade on the secret ending's ending has a keychain... if you know that then just close the thread or just leave...... on youtube, search Kingdom Hearts 3 full...
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    Taco VS burrito

    i vote Taco!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    thats the link to a youtube video and it shows that riku is now playable on the PS2!!!!YouTube - The Riku code.. ON PS2!
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    Roxas and Ven!!!

    i just thought of this while watching the girls next door, i dont' know how i thought of this, but, what if Ven and roxas are like twins, ones an evil twin, and the other is a good twin.... what you people think of that!!! im pretty sure im wrong, but, i felt like telling someone about this...
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    this is a huge spoiler!!!!!! PLEASE READ AT OWN RISK!!!!! i found this a few minutes ago cause i was bored and went looking for new info, i hope im the first one to sumbit this :)
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    playable riku

    YouTube - The Riku Code - Gameplay im not sure if its new or not, but it is to me, cool vid...... you might want to read the discription of the vid, also the code is not 100% done, so no one can play as riku..... YET..........this is another vid, shorter than the other one YouTube - Play as...
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    Ven and Roxas

    do you guys think thats it's kinda stupid that Ven and Roxas are exact twins..... i mean if you look at pictures of Roxas and Ven they look axactly the same exept for the clothes..... my question is, why did the Square-enix people not even try to change at least the hair on Ven???? why do they...
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    out in next game.

    i mean if you never played KH, what would you want to be out in the next game???
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    what is that?

    what is the thing that Terra stands on at the beggining of the SE?? is it his motorcycle??
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    hello, i got some nice codebreaker codes for KH2 and now i was hoping someone could give me some nice KH1 codebreaker codes. please post only if your giving a code. THX...
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    sword, shield, staff??

    when you start the game, what do you choose, the sword, the staff, or the shield, i always choose sword casue power is awesome.