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    I'm sad :(

    SUCK FOR YOUUUU. Jk, that's really horrible, I'm sorry. :((
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    Are you getting BBS day one?

    Haha, why on Wednesday? I probably wont even be playing it til this weekend! x)
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    Are you getting BBS day one?

    I lied, I'm seeing my boyfriend tomorrow. WOOT :P Idk when I'll actually start playing it though.
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    Are you getting BBS day one?

    They're already at Toys R Us. My bf saw a box that said, "do not open til september 7th" I told him to steal me my game. :P
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    So for the Secret Ending...

    Yeah, I figure it would be in the end..UGH, okay. Have to suck it up! :D
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    So for the Secret Ending...

    Uhhh, what if you don't want to play proud mode, how do you obtain the secret ending..? Why do I have a feeling that it will be easier to just do proud mode. xD
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    Are you getting BBS day one?

    My boyfriend is buying it from his work on Tuesday, but I don't see him til Wednesdayy. :< Jk, I'll be fine, lol.
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    Is there a chance i might not get Bbs from gamestop on tuesday even tho i preordered it

    Idk, I remember my brother pre-ordered a game from gs before, and they told him that they wouldn't do anything about it if he didn't pick up his game, like they were just going to give it away. They didn't though. That would be pretty effed up if they do!
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    questions about data install

    That reminds me, I never bought a memory stick yet.. Off to Fry's!
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    Buying A PSP just for BBS?

    My boyfriend actually bought me a psp because he knew I wanted bbs. ^_^ I was originally just going to borrow my brother-in-law's, but I like the fact that I have my own too. I like playing my ff8, and hopefully other good things will come.
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    Opinions on Namine?

    .... bahahahaha. Yeah, I agree.. Even though I haven't played bbs yet, I'm sure I'll like Aqua more than anyone. Even though, I do kind of like Kairi, and her little annoying self.
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    IGN BBS preview

    Wait..isn't his already on the khinsider home page? :|
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    speaking of shark week

    It's funny when you play it now.. You're just like.. "shiit, I don't want to go out there. T_____T"
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    The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread [complete]

    Re: The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread Ahhhhh, just one more month. ^_^
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    Not sure where this belongs, but...

    Everyone must listen to this. ^_^ ps. very explicit YouTube - The Birds and the Beedrills (a song integrating the 151 pokemon as sexual innuendos)