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  • No problem. :eek: Just remember to return my Pirate garbs when you get your own. <3 Unless I for some reason decide to be weird and farm for munny to buy a new set. ._. Either way. xD
    Your stuff is ready. :D I'm too lazy to PM. VM is soooooo much faster, and you'll see the notification just as soon. :3
    I found 22 of them on my own, used a map to pick up the others. 29 on the Mombasa map, 30th in data hive when you have 29 of em. Good Samaritan is done by doing the opposite of Naughty Naughty - don't kill any Engineers at all as the Rookie. When you hit Data Hive, the achievement unlocks.
    Hell yeah. Firefight is awesomesauce. I'm waiting for my friend to finally get around to playing through/finishing so I can co-op campaign with him and finish off Good Samaritan and Audiophile O:
    o_O I'd recommend Monster personally. It's pretty much one of my favorites. It's about 70 episodes. Has a bit of mindfuck involved with it though. Outlaw Star is an oldy but goody for sure. And what Rae said is great also. >_>;
    Uh, next you need to watch Darker than Black. Short animu <3 very good. Also the new Fullmetal Alchemist is smexalicious.
    Omg. Nex got into one piece? :eek: That's awesome.And you're probably like right where I am in the series too. <.<;;
    XD don't you wish you started watching it a long time ago? imagine when you'll have to wait for new episodes ;-;
    *Just found a great way to farm for hats and weapons.*

    Also have you seen the secret way to get a hat? Delete ten UNIQUE items, ( as in, no duplicate items. ) while you're playing in a server and then die. You'll automatically get a random hat.
    Damn't, suddenly I suck with Scout now that I'm forced to use Scatter Gun. I'm used to harrassing with my two shots of pure death and either running behind cover to get them from behind or finishing with bat. ]:
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