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Recent content by NemesisSP

  1. NemesisSP

    Cover art feedback for my fanfic "Fresh Start"

    I would say the second one. It's the most tightly constructed of the three and the least busy. It keeps the viewers eyes in the center and allows there to be to be a sense of danger or at least something looming over the story with the one character (Jax, I believe? I'm not familiar with this...
  2. NemesisSP

    Art Showcase, any critiques would be appreciated.

    https://www.deviantart.com/nemesissp13/art/A-Cold-and-Restless-Night-Remake-876562129 Description in the entry explains all. This is all I had finished "worth" sharing. Please don't hate me too much, I already hate myself enough for this failed attempt at "artsy drama"! :P
  3. NemesisSP

    Spoilers ► Re:Mind Me Again About the Star in the Night Sky

    Once you get on the train of madness, it's hard to get off. At the very least, KH does know how to make us do those mental gymnastics like no other.
  4. NemesisSP

    Art Showcase, any critiques would be appreciated.

    Well, I can always give it a try. Haven't drawn Roxas in awhile, might be fun. We'll see how everything goes. Thank you. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the video. I plan to update it to get rid of that ridiculous watermark and hopefully the next videos will not have to ever worry about it.
  5. NemesisSP

    Art Showcase, any critiques would be appreciated.

    It's not Kingdom Hearts or anything, but I figured I'd post this here to finally make use of my YouTube and others who want to see how I draw. Hope it's enjoyable, even if you may not like the character or series and I promise I'll do something KH related next time. This is a test video...
  6. NemesisSP

    News ► Kingdom Hearts 3: The Novel, Vol 3: Remind Me Again cover revealed

    According to datamining, the Sora Wins ending is the canon ending, as it's labeled as "TrueEnding". But then again, as Oracle Spockanort said, it will depend on if that's the direction Nomura wants to go with it. That said, Kanemaki's decision on how to present the ending is probably better for...
  7. NemesisSP

    Spoilers ► Re:Mind Me Again About the Star in the Night Sky

    My closest friend use bad puns and jokes all the time. They've infected me with their tendencies! Still, if there had to be one time I did, this seemed the best time!
  8. NemesisSP

    Art Showcase, any critiques would be appreciated.

    Well, thank you for your kind words. Currently, I'm still on the fence about doing a full comic, but I do like this particular style of sketch and am thinking about doing more of it for my current written form of the story. At least, for now, I am gonna keep experimenting and learning about...
  9. NemesisSP

    Spoilers ► Re:Mind Me Again About the Star in the Night Sky

    Sorry, I couldn't really help myself. This is a thoughts and opinions piece. First one I think I've done directly for KH and this hopefully won't be the last. I will label these spoilers just in case. It might not seem necessary, but it is a new take on a conversation, after all. I also want to...
  10. NemesisSP

    Art Showcase, any critiques would be appreciated.

    Alright, so I've thought about it and here's a concept for a manga style Omega. It's not meant to be like Shiro Amano's manga, because I don't think that style would be suited for my story, or at least, I don't want to have to learn how to do that style too. I'm already juggling learning Nomura...
  11. NemesisSP

    Anime/Manga ► Evangelion - Anno apologizes about 3.0 + 1.0, 3.0 burned him out

    I'm very much a fan of Evangelion and have been since Rebuild first started, since it (and Utada's music for it) got me into the franchise. It's insane that we're finally getting the last movie... is what I would say if the damn release was not delayed YET AGAIN. Still, as long as we get the...
  12. NemesisSP

    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts The Other Story

    Thank you. I'll be updating soon, too.
  13. NemesisSP

    The Video Game Music Thread

    Chrono Cross has one of my favorite soundtracks of all time and I just found an instrumental version of the ending theme that I really like and think should get more attention. ;-)
  14. NemesisSP

    Art Showcase, any critiques would be appreciated.

    Thank you. I always appreciate hearing that. I actually do consider it often, especially since I do have a very detailed outline I can work from in doing so. It's just that I'm trying to find a good point with my art skills where I feel I could turn it into a comic, or at least a manga styled one.
  15. NemesisSP

    Art Showcase, any critiques would be appreciated.

    First pic of Iris this year... looking a little too much like the Aqua 0.2 sketch, but I at least got another good pic of her to show off here.