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  • Oh wow, I didn't know....oh wow, really? That stinks. :/
    Awww sorry...and that's sad. How are you gonna deal when they do?
    Don't worry, I know what's it like when people move? :C
    Yes.....for that, you earn a highfive... *goes for highfive* XD
    Oh really? Where are you at, in terms of country? Just wondering...ooh awesome. And I see...yeah, that happens to me too at times when I was in HS...>_<
    Well that's good and glad you do! :)
    I came back because I wanted to try and start an RP here and kind of the same thing although it just doesn't feel the same anymore since some of my friends left permanently on their own. :/
    I'm doing good aside from trying to study for finals and do well in college with my classes. How about you? How's school going for you?
    Hey there, Neku!

    I remember you...anywho, yes, I changed my name. I was actually sorafan1203, Sweet Sensation (for awhile),Snow Candy, Candy Fair, and now Danica Syer although I wish I stayed Sweet Sensation or Snow Candy. :/

    Recognize any of those names? But yeah, how've you been?
    i'm good, i guess

    well at christmas my cat ran away now we have a ginger kitten called koneko

    and i dyed my hair black
    hai .

    lol omg i just realised i was the last person to vm you

    ...that must have been a while ago
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