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  • when was the last time you got sick?? I was just sick about a week ago. and I'm fine other then that. how are you?
    Thanks for the Larvitar; hope you enjoy your Shuckle! :) let me know if you ever want to trade or battle in the future!
    Hmm, nothing particularly. If you could spare a Ditto or a Pokemon with a Hidden Ability that would be nice, but you don't have to give me anything :)
    I know! I got up to like 600 points and then I just couldn't do it anymore. Plus it's only allowed for one hour a day... And it was not worth it...lol
    And yeah, Nothing scolding .lol. I deserved it, haha.
    True that, lol.

    Heh, that's good if you can already judge yourself in that regard this good. ;)
    By now, I know exactly how much I can handle and due to my responsibie feelings I would always stop at the right time anyways. ^__^
    Yeah, especially when you can see it. You see that person there on screen is a dude and he sounds so high in voice you think "What's that? Can an adult male sound that high pitched?"
    And he was clearly an adult, not a kid or a teenage boy.

    Oh yeah, it's surely better that way. ;)
    I also won't drink so much that I don't know anymore where I am or who I am (which isn't even possible, since before I am really drunk I always doze off beforehand, rofl.)
    Haha, I know! I saw people with like 5000 points and I was like... "!!!" and then I saw all these people with Shiny Deoxy's with 100,000 and I almost cried...haha.
    XD I know. They taste so much better this time of year. Haha. It didn't snow so much where I am this time... So I kinda scooped up some frost from my freezer and tried using that... Did not work out for me...lol I think I got coffee thrown at me. lol
    Funny, especially when you listen to a guy singing on TV that sounds like a girl, lol.

    Add on top of that some sparkling wine and everything is less stiff. :p
    Wow! I can't believe you even got that far in dream world! I have no patients with that game. lol I've only been to the forest and spooky manor. lol Mine was good. I got some good stuff. Haha. And I turn into a goofball kid when it comes to it. All I wanna do is have snowball fights, snowboard and eat X-mas cookies. lol
    I feel for you! You have my support! lol I still haven't caught one. Though I barley keep trying these days.
    How was your X-mas?
    Hey what's been up eko? .
    Hi, I just thought I'd inform ya that the next chapter of the story is finally up. ^__^

    Hope you had a pleasant christmas. ;)
    I suppose I could. Lol. But the thing is everyone could get them so there's not much point. I'm just spending the time in the game trying to get a Dragonite (female) with marvel scale in those STUPID HOLLOWS! lol
    Have you meat the your secret admirer yet? Haha, mine was a cute pink haired girl. Trades AWESOME pokemon
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