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  • yeah, it was, but now its one of my OCs

    its been a while for me too, im gonna rewatch the series soon
    Hey Neko I lost your FC code for the 3DS, and I got a new one, do you mind if I re add you? My FC is in my sig.
    Haha, I have a ton of them. From dressing up like a pirate with my friends to go see pirates of the carreaban to accidentally insuating to my teracher that she was fat... lol. And that's not even the worst... Haha.
    Honestly though, I'm not mean. I just get into alot of trouble. I'm more like a beach bum who's got a slight trouble streak :p But I bet you've got some of your own stories. You can't not have even one. XD
    How can you like them? It's a floating X and Y.. I have them both in my PC and they're called "Uknown" lol I really want to go back to Kanto! I feel like HGold and Ssilver could have done more.
    Everyday?! You have alot of patience.. Haha.
    Well maybe that's a good thing. Like I said, I get into alot of trouble. Or trouble just finds me, whichever.
    Same here. One year after the next game? I would have thought they would hold off to really get some good pokemon ideas... Which... They kinda didn't... I mean X and Y? It would have been smarter to remake Pokemon Yellow... Which I would totally buy.. Haha.
    Not just the legendary's. You can get like Togepi with Super Luck or something.
    I shouldn't take them seriously.. But I can't help myself. Haha. I'm probably not have a good day until I do something stupid... lol Seriously, my mouth can get me into so much trouble with anyone. I never know when to shut up :p
    On a different note - did you hear about Pokemon X and Y?
    It depends on your badges. 7 -8 Badges means all the Pokemon you get are like 60 onward. Oh and they all have secret abilities!
    Haha, I agree it was gross. But I was dared and I had to do it! I'd say it was us being stupid guys but truthfully I just don't like backing down. Even on dares. Haha.
    I have no idea if it could have worked after the throw up... As soon as he did it, I assumed I had nothing really important in the bag and threw it out. At the time I decided I'd rather replace the stuff rather than carry around a bag of my friends throw up for the day...lol But I didn't realize I had my 3DS in there.
    Two or Three days. There aren't really any tricks for shooting at the clouds (which is what you do) But worth it! I now have Giritina, Ho-Oh and Lugia all at level 5 XD No Pikachu still.. lol But I haven't given up hope.
    Ugh... My stupid friend did the cinnamon challenge and couldn't handle it. Must have been too intense for him. So instead of throwing up in the Starbucks floor (yeah, we tried doing it there...) he threw up in my bag and I forgot I had my 3DS in it.... Sigh.... He didn't mean it, and stupid stuff happens all the time. So no big deal. Just kinda gross... lol
    Well don't rush to get it. Haha. It takes alot of time before you get stuff...lol
    I started on a new game of White2 because I accidentally threw out my red 3DS with my Black2 game in it. Right into a Starbucks garbage... God I'm an idiot... Haha. And Now I want a Pikachu... lol
    its okay
    i have been off and on at random times and then i get distracted easily sooooo.....yeah, its all good
    Oh yeah and how has the pokemon catching been going? You should buy Dream Radar
    Haha, and it figures I managed to miss you =P
    Well anyway, how are things? Planning on getting the KH game for your PC?
    It's cool. Same here I think. Haha. Well when you get more time send me a message
    Keep Holding On? That's the name of a song right?
    Haha, have you been to the Global Trade lately? I did just to check out what was being offered. When I typed in Magikarp I saw one that wanted to have a level 7 Zeckrom in return.... It got worse. Like trading a Sentret for a Eevee....
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