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  • Hey Neglect! I was wondering, when you get this message are you still interested in doing the role of Genesis and Creed (your OC for the FFVII: Crisis Core AU RP)? It'd be great to have you back and plus me and Rauxy will be starting it soon in June! Hopefully you got my PM, if not, I'll send you it but please come back soon when you can! :)
    Hey there, I'm thinking about re-opening/re-creating the Sign-Ups for the Crisis Core AU RP. :D
    Interested in helping me and Rauxlen?
    Unfortunately, due to a great deal of outside issues, I'm going to have to put the revised opening post for Gunpoint on hold for a while longer.
    I can't tell you how awful I feel for allowing this to stretch on for so long, but my workload has been unrelenting. I still hope that this RP can still somehow be a reality; I'd hate to see the idea go to waste.
    Fairly well, and you? I've completed about half of the revisions necessary for the RP opening post, but have admittedly slacked off.
    I'll probably have the remainder of it finished today or tomorrow; my apologies for the delay.
    Hey, sorry about the extremely late response. I've actually been pretty busy lately and haven't really had a chance to do much of anything besides work. How about you?
    Yeah, post your template into the thread.

    As for handling the issue of hacked characters, we'll discuss that further as the story progresses.
    lol the Division is controlled by you other then the people who play as a division member. So any conflict you have with a division member is up to you on how you control and fight the guy.

    I hope you can understand that. Cause I sorta don't. o_O
    Actually I re-opened it. So never mind. >.< I guess when your a Plat member, you have that power. My bad. ^_^;
    Very well, then. Don't hesitate to critique whatever requires additional work; I'd like Gunpoint to be the fullest perfection of your original concept, and no less.
    Well, flimsy or not, it seems to have already garnered some results; another template has been submitted. An incomplete one, albeit, but a template nonetheless. There is still something of a fighting chance remaining for this RP, I would say.

    Also, on a different note, I've completed my draft for Gunpoint, and will be sending it to you via PM momentarily...
    Thank you very much; truly, it lifts a great portion of the burden.

    Anyways, since I'm currently not in the mood for doing anything else, I suppose that I might as well begin upon the third draft of the RP. I suppose that's how I'll accomplish everything, haha: by eliminating each task in accordance to my taste for it.
    Life has been inordinarly cruel to me, Neglect, and in the past few days I've been so horribly occupied that I've hardly had any time to even log on. I still have yet to complete some of my work for the site, along with several other projects that I've obligated myself to. I'll attempt to have the RP draft completed by the end of this week, but it might spill over into Monday. My apologies for the inconveniences...
    I've been to Atlanta very briefly before; it was a stop onto my way to Florida. The airport, which is the only part of the city that I've actually seen, is quite nice.

    So, how far apart do you live from your family?
    Heh, I would more than gladly swap places with you; in the past day or two, I've come to know what Atlas feels like.

    And where, may I ask, did you travel?
    Quite good, quite good Neglect. And you?
    I'm going to have to work on it now since I've been working on my fanfic for the fanfic section and getting sidetracked with other things. I'll let you know when I'm done. :p
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