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Recent content by Narnianqueen

  1. Narnianqueen

    Secret ending on Proud and Normal?

    Ok thanks!! Maybe I can get to it...
  2. Narnianqueen

    Secret ending on Proud and Normal?

    So, how can you get to the Final Episode? What's the easiest way? And the secret movie too. What's the easiest way to unlock that as well?
  3. Narnianqueen

    Let's Play Birth by Sleep WITH RANDOM COMMENTARY

    Yeah, I'm going to do a commentary playthrough of all the KH games as well as others over the Christmas break... well, I'll get started on it :) And I've been planning on giving tips and just talking about the game instead of random stuff or just anything and everything. I want to help people...
  4. Narnianqueen

    NINTENDO POWER Reviews Re:coded!

    Honestly, I don't think any of the games' plots are insignificant. I love all of them! I really can't wait for this game! I won't get it right away though :) Also, some people ( not on this thread) have bashed days for being boring or saying "Why did they even make this game?" Well, I'd say to...
  5. Narnianqueen

    Kingdom Hearts Novels

    I knew there were KH manga so I tired to be cheap and look up translations on the Internet but I found out something. I heard that there were novels as well but not in English. Are there really novels or is it just referring to the manga? And if there are novels besides the manga, will they be...
  6. Narnianqueen

    Who all wants BBS for the PS3?

    I think it would be pretty cool. But, I hate how you have to buy another game device to play one game. I mean, I only bought the PSP for BBS and that's a big waste of money. I try to look for some other games on the PSP but there aren't really any I'm interested in. I think all games in a...
  7. Narnianqueen

    COM vs RECOM

    You have to so that with most games anyway :) You had to do that with KH and KH2... I don't see how that's a problem... Regarding the original question...Re:Com for sure. The only thing I didn't like was that they rushed it. The voices didn't match the mouth movement and it made everyone look...
  8. Narnianqueen

    Help with Vexen on re: com!!! Please!!!

    Ok, thanks I'll try it! Maybe I can get him...
  9. Narnianqueen

    Help with Vexen on re: com!!! Please!!!

    Ok, thanks! Which do you think I should use for Vexen?
  10. Narnianqueen

    Help with Vexen on re: com!!! Please!!!

    Ok, I'll try that. I'm level 50 by the way. Do I need to be a higher level? By the way how do you use the enemy cards like Jafar or Maleficent?
  11. Narnianqueen

    Help with Vexen on re: com!!! Please!!!

    Ok, I've tried to beat Vexen thirty times already. Can some one please help because I'm really really stuck you guys!
  12. Narnianqueen

    Re:Com help with Maleficent.

    Re: Com help with Maleficent. Ok, I've done what you said and it still doesn't work. Is there anything else?
  13. Narnianqueen

    Re:Com help with Maleficent.

    Re: Com help with Maleficent. Ok, thank you. I'll try that :)
  14. Narnianqueen

    Re:Com help with Maleficent.

    Re:Com help with Maleficent. I'm stuck on Hollow Bastion trying to defeat Maleficent. Are there any tricks on how to beat her? Thanks for the help! :). Oh, and I hear that you have to fight Vexen next. Any tricks for him too?
  15. Narnianqueen

    I played and beat CoM throroughly back when it was out, aside from 3d graphics does RE change much?

    I didn't play the original com game on the gameboy because I didn't find out about it until late 2007 and it was announced not long after that that there was going to be a remake so I didn't bother to play the original. Although I did watch my friend play the original game when I was at her...