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Recent content by Nameless

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    Official Billionth Xion Theory

    Just to back up this theory though, Namine does claim that no matter how she tries to reconnect them, the memories continue to flow out.
  2. N


    The point Canito is trying to make is that there is an inherent rationale and paradox of the meaning behind heartLESS and NObodies. My guess, assuming the pattern is followed, is that the broken down meaning of the word UNbirth will be seemingly paradoxical to the way in which unbirths are...
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    Just had to share this idea about Xion

    Also Xion's appearance changes. Xenka's right. You can't base a connection solely off of a similar appearance, especially since Xion's appearance changes.
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    Xion's Proof of Existence

    All nobodies, except Namine and Roxas who even comment on this, fade back into darkness. If Xion faded back into darkness, her PoE would not be blue.
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    unbirth thought

    The tutorial could be more similar to the Roxas intro of KH2, except without the Dive to the Heart. And going along with the theory that the mysterious voice in Sora's and Roxas's Dive to the Heart is in fact Ven (just a theory I heard), then who would be the voice during Ven's dive to the heart?
  6. N

    the title 358 Days/2

    And we won't know what's going to happen in BBS until the game comes out. Yet we still hold discussions concerning unbirths and TAV just to throw ideas around, to speculate. No one has discussed the title and I just wanted to hear some people's ideas.
  7. N

    Xion's Proof of Existence

    But when you reach the Proof of Existence in KH2, Roxas's is still glowing blue as if he's still "alive". So assuming that Roxas and Xion share that PoE, are you saying that Xion is still alive?
  8. N

    the title 358 Days/2

    There has to be more to the title than that if we're not supposed to understand it until the end of the game. Plus Roxas stating that he will disappear from this world in 151 days provides more evidence that the meaning of the title isn't completely obvious.
  9. N

    the title 358 Days/2

    One of the mysteries of the game is the title. Nomura has described the title of a sort of "code" that many won't be able to fully understand until they have finished the game, but also added that the word "Days" in the title was to symbolize the daily life of the Organization. He has also...
  10. N

    unbirth thought

    Assuming that they have a Dive to the Heart, who do you think would be shown on the ground? With Sora, some of the PoHs were shown, and with Roxas, Sora and co. were shown. But if TAV had a Dive to the Heart, who would be on the floor?
  11. N

    unbirth thought

    Maybe its the giant craeture that disappears behind Terra in the KH2 secret ending before he grabs Sora's keyblade. But anyways, I was expecting more of a theory about unbirths
  12. N

    Could it be?

    You have a point. The only sensible counter argument that I could make is that Roxas is a nobody whose power is based off of Sora (or Ven at this point) being a keyblade wielder. However, there do seem to be quite a few connections that suggest the power of the keyblade is somehow related to...
  13. N

    Could it be?

    Can you post the link to that trailer? I haven't seen it, but it sounds like Ven is losing his memories and thus his ability to wield (assuming the link between memories and the power of the keyblade). And by "getting it (his memories) back", he'll once again be able to wield...
  14. N

    Cliche Xion Theory, no not really...

    I was basing my comments off of your theory on Xion being No. I, or the number 1 experiment. In my opinion this scan provides evidence to your previous thread about Xion being the result of experimentation upon Aqua.
  15. N

    Could it be?

    The orb is connected to MX's keyblade. Rewatch the video. This may sound srange (I read a theory about this ages ago), but it seems as if MX turned his keyblade into the orb so he could unlock Kingdom Hearts. When he shoots the orb into the sky we hear it hit something before the blue moon...