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Nalin Calhoun
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  • Hey, I read your story, Helix. It is pretty decent. You have some potential! If you would like to have your work more reconized, as my site grows, I would like to invite you to join my writing community. Right now it is only five strong but I believe you would fit in nicely there. Your work would definately be read and critiqued. If youre interested heres the link

    But of course I want it to stay active and not waste away unto nothing ya know??

    Eh I have to post in many rps...
    I don't know about that, i changed my name to Superbia because it came out on top over having it changed to Temperantia tbh

    I had the names in mind for awhile, remember that my names before always meant pretty much the same things, but yeh
    I don't mind at all actually. I'm waiting for Amber to come over so then Joey and Amber and I can have fun...

    But that's later on today ya know, so I'm making myself a Raichu tag and another pokemon as an avatar atm.
    I'm feeling stuffed and hyped about some things I plan on doing later today. So far though its like the entire day has been a tease so far. makes me wanna bang my head against the wall.
    Heyy mang how ya doin?? I finished your set in the shop if you wanna check it out. Hopefully you like the results as much as I do. I think its one of my most epic tags in awhile.
    Oh. Well you aren't that much of a new school. lol I can't wait for this battle aswell. Shall be fun
    Oh well then I probably rped with you back then when I was King Naruto or, maybe Reckless Chaos or maybe as Chaotic Misery. Glad to see you have returned. I'll be keeping a watchful eye. Hey everyone is like once in awhile. I know I used to think Speed was evverything until I was smashed by Ubi Ty and The Citrus Cult in an rp. Well you got a friend in me and welcome back.
    Well it seems i'm rather intrigued by you as an rper. I haven't seen a new school on the site with such skill as a writer. I might have found someone to replace the Legendary KN one day. lol
    The bling has arrived good sir.
    Kayy. I'm about to head out xD But if I so happen to finish your set tonight I'll post it on your profile.
    An event just started in Lumina Cloth Dex so he could be any one of the number of PCs that joined and are on their way to find out the secrets of Vir Hodt.

    You could have him run into Boa and Ophani if you want, it might be interesting since Boa is a flux

    If you don't have anything in mind I can just wing it and make you a set btw
    Eh?? That's quite the coincidence. I never got around to checking the link since the description was good enough.

    If you plan on doing anything plot related atm, I'd just read my last post to see how the event started.

    AND since your sig space is bare and you have no avvy...I could always make you something epic.
    Its all good, just make sure to actually post and get yourself involved. A lot of people joined but lots of them never posted at all.

    Ubi likes to be commissioned.
    Heh, well that's always fun. I've continued to improve my skills, seems there was never a good reason not to, though how that works is always different with people.

    You can only imagine the things that have come out since you left lol. I'm a sick gfx designer too.
    Like three years is quite some time ago xD

    But sure I'm still here and all. What brings you to my page more specifically?? You getting back into things...
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