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    Thank God

    My heterosexuality has been confirmed
    Mr. Feeney is badass. I'd like for there to be an anime OVA adaptation about a young Mr. Feeny's adventures.
    this is like one of those moments when you're on the verge of orgasm and your foster parents walk in on you
    this is like one of those moments when you're on the verge of orgasm and your parents walk in on you
    well the "first and last" draft is due for a week on monday but there isn't really a limit on it since it all depends on how fast our speaking is. the tutor's not really marking it as such but more like checking over it, meaning we can add on and take away as much as we like. i think i'm gonna focus on the way she feels about michel considering that's the main angle, how she's unsure of how she feels about him, why she told him she was pregnant, why she was the one to ultimately cause his death and the extent of her "evilness" as a person in which i was going to compare michel's sanity and her own and does that possibly make her more malicious than he.
    actually i was wondering if you could help me with something, since i remember it was you who posted the thread about a bout de souffle/breathless. at college i study advanced french and i'm in my second year. one of my exams is an oral exam in which, in the second year, i have to give a speech on a french book/film/region of my choice, and after i watched a bout de souffle, it has become my primary choice. the question i've set myself is to basically analyse patricia's character.

    see, there's so many dimensions to her, i was wondering what YOU would basically analyse her as since you seem to be into the film. if you could, i'd appreciate it eternally.
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