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Recent content by Mysterious

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    Songs like this one

    YouTube - Music Dissidia Cosmos I think most of you people should know dissidia i like this song so much aren't there songs like it out there?
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    Any good exercise for the butt?

    we all want to be thin, but some parts don't get thin... like the butt so what are the exercises that can make it smaller?
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    Um... Soft songs?

    I'm looking for soft songs but i don't want them to be about love or this stuff what i want is songs about life and the singer (must be a female) has a great voice that makes you feel relieved when you hear it lol i know it's a weird thing, but i looked a lot and didn't find so can anyone help...
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    Uh a problem with a zip file

    I put a password for a zip file containing some old photos the problem is that this file is very old and i have no idea what the password is i tried those password recovery programs but they're very slow (i waited 2 days and nothing came up) so is there any other solution? thanks
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    Castlevania PS3 and Xbox 360 Teaser video (Featuring Alucard)

    YouTube - CASTLEVANIA PS3/360 Teaser (English Subtitles)! Finally! It's Alucard!
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    Castlevania: Order Of Ecclesia

    Unbelievable... there's no thread for this game? it's been released 4-5 days ago, and it's a very amazing castlevania but still, symphony of the night and dawn of sorrow are better than this one
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    Sun Goku rocks!

    But Vegeta sucks
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    What are the safety measures for the Xbox 360?

    i don't know if this should be made here or somewhere else you mods know what to do about this anyway, my friend gave me his 360 (which he doesn't use at all) and i only want to play ninja gaiden 2 on it but i heard somewhere that i can't play more than 5 hours a day because of this stupid ring...
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    This girl.

    i just can't love her more and whenever i look at this photo, i want to do her isn't she the best?
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    what is it exactly? i see many videos about it and i still don't understand the whole point of it YouTube - Gaara and Lee, Caramelldansen YouTube - Caramelldansen Note YouTube - Uchihadansen (seizure warning)
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    I saw a dog and a cat doing it

    it was yesterday
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    This site became boring

    yeah it did
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    The unversity Wi-Fi

    well the problem is a little complicated the wi-fi in the university is very fast, but i can't use all of it's speed (especially with torrents) i asked the technician, he said the speed is 10 mb/s but my downloads don't go above 20 kb/s (they should be at least 500 kb/s) so is there any way i...
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    My left hand

    i was born with 3 fingers in my left hand and i'm still living with it normally my mother talked to a doctor specialized in limbs about this yesterday he diagnosed me and said he can fix it... he showed me a video where he put a whole limb back to a person the problem is that i lived with...
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    To all people who hate me

    i'd like to tell all of you people who hate me (almost 80% of KHI) that you make me feel special and i love you too XD plus, you'll express this hate of yours by not posting in this thread i will test your hate by not closing this thread which means whoever posts here loves me Thank you