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  • It's pretty easy with aqua. lol
    Just dont give him a chance to run back around the rock when youre strike raiding him o_O
    XD really? have you played the rumble racing and boards at the mirage arena yet? the should raise it.
    it is :D very very awesome!

    XD yeah at one point he managed to get around the rock so i just ran to the other side b4 he could get me and started strike raiding him again.

    theres is no fight jsut you dodging looking for an opening for tunder surge T^T
    you get it sometime int eh mirge arena i think i was at arena level 20 or higher with terra when i got it, its his best shotlock its the move terranort and LS use where they make a cannon out of their keyblades >:D and its count is only 16.

    XD you should it may be cheap but it gets you void gear which helps in mirge arena.
    like you he got around the rock on me but all i had to do was run around it with him XD always keeping on oppiste sides.

    you dont wanna the no name keyblade isnt worth it T^T
    actually i found critical really easy cept for a few things.
    yes go witht he ultima cannon *hypnotizes* it pwns.


    you dont need coruage only the rock.

    T^T to bad that guide done mean crap unless you can dodge him.
    XD so he sucks at kh?
    i know the spinning attack is my only problem tho with terras slide they were easier to dodge and with his ultima cannon i manged to pwn them >:D

    still leaves the other two on the royal board.

    the one bout ven and tornado is true i used a tornado to beat vanitas one will take his health down by half.

    screw a MF strategy im up for cheap tricks now T^T the only real way to bea MF is to be able to dodge all his moves.
    or he doesnt know and is trying to impress XD
    it aint that hard the only problems i had were keepers of the arena and villains venetta near the end.

    i find the command board very easy honestly and you'll have to go back to get teh ragnorok, metoer shower and focus block XD

    hows it go? is it the homing mine one?
    I'm going up against 221 on Terra's story and it is driving me crazy, because I can't beat it. It's like Larxene. Do you think it's possible that 221 might be Larxene's Somebody? That would be stupid, if it was.
    XD you didnt have to do the one on the final episode just finish the other three then save a new final episode over the old. anyway when you get little mickey heads by all the arena entries in the report (you should be at arena level 30) a challenge in the arena mode shows up called "villians vindetta" beat that and you get the trophy and the ultima :D tho the void gear is stronger than the ultima.

    that aint nothing compared to how i got during the LS boss fight in kh2fm, it doesnt happen often anymore, used to alot as a kid, but every now and then i get a boss or mini game that pisses me off :mad: *coughICECREAMBEATcough*
    i said now!

    i do gamer rage is a evil force ive lost a laptop and few ps2 controllers to it.
    XD had to terra;s so slow, ti was awsome to pick him off while he ran around like a lost chicken! XD

    tho in a one on one fight with a boss its pretty useless :/
    ok open up your reports and look at your arena scores it should show you if anythings missing.....DO IT NOW!

    you have no idea i had to give up, i got gamer rage to the point i almost broke my psp, so i switched to terra and used the ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCK (XD) to beat VR at 38 XD and then i used the void gear and beat his mirage arena today.

    well true i prefer mega flare for room clearing, you can go thru rounds in the arena like nothing XD
    a combo i like is to use magnera then something like windcutte (terra) or faith/tornado (ven)
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