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  • Hello everybody! We have tons of new awards for the new year that can be requested through our Awards System thanks to Antifa Lockhart! Some are limited-time awards so go claim them before they are gone forever...


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  • Awww hope he`s ok! Maybe he found a good home. I hope thats it. My family has taken in two stray cats before, but one of them, a black and white one, turned out to be the neighbors (They let him roam free). The other (who I loved and adored) couldn`t stay with us because we couldn`t take care of her and we wanted her to have a better home so we gave her away. She was a super pale calico and was one of the most beautiful cats I`ve ever seen.
    I have a black cat! :D But she does have to splotches of white on her. She kind of looks like that cat except shes a bit skinnier probaly.
    Its the perfect temperature where I am! Mildly hot, but not too hot. I guess if a KH game is coming out on the 3DS i`m going to end up getting it and Im sure there will be other good games for it too so might as well.
    Nothing much just kind of sitting around. Love the summer! Its ok that you haven`t talked to me. :D So how are you?
    your like the guy i saw on history channel.
    this guy could walk around on mountain tops in nothing but boxers and not freeze to death.
    they even tested him but his core temp. nevers gets low.

    your like his florida opposite o.0
    D: you can wear a jacket in that weather? (they sell jackets there?)
    on some lvl that aint right :/
    no what you need to see is real snow.
    i still wouldnt like florida if its that hot :/
    yeah but the snow since i was 10 was like a slap from god >:3
    it starts snowing good again AFTER i graduate.
    pfft, that was like the first ice we had in 7 years, all the snow up til then was shitty.
    here it aint that bad but it aint much better, plus winter is bad to (not for me i like cold)
    a year or two ago we had an icestorm :/
    T^T i dont have ANY of that....

    :/ i want to live where its cooler to, humidity is awful the farther south you go.
    T^T all thats here is a few grocery stores, a few gas stations, some old buidings, a court house/library, and schools.
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