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Musical charm
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  • I got the sheet music for Always on my Mind and Kairi`si theme! ^_^
    Haha really its ok. Mostly because I found some sheet music downloads I can use. Just so I don`t have to go through that process. Thanks for telling me and offering to help though! I really appreciate it. ^_^
    Yes I found it, but you don`t have to go through the trouble of showing me how it works. ^_^ Really its okay.
    I think you did a really good job! Only heard that one mistake. ^_^ You are a good clarinet player, especially considering you`ve only been playing for 7 months.
    I really doubt it in my school. :/ There arent many people who play video games like that there. Hey wait a sec I can`t say that anymore! I`m going into high school so its a different school. XD lol. Ok I`m going to try and find it. Thanks!
    I wish more people in my school liked kh. :/ I only know like 3 or 4 and two of those are my brother and sister. Thats awesome you can play those KH songs. I can only play Roxas`s theme on flute, but the problem is I cant find much KH music for flute. Oww!! My mom accidently stepped on my foot and now it hurts like crazy!
    That sucks that you have to go to a school with no music programs! I`d die! I love music, and go crazy when I go a day without it. XD Ive been playing flute since the beginning of middle school, which is about 3 years. I`m going to band camp in a few weeks, but I haven`t practiced lately. I really should do that. I use to take piano lessons but I quit, which sucks really, but I never really had the time or patience to learn how to play it well. :/ One of these days I really want to try again.
    That and I just wanted to talk to you more. ^_^ Yeah it kind of is a slow day.
    With my cat its more like she`s saying "Get your hands off me or I swear I`ll scratch you more!" She has a bit of an attitude. XD
    My cat only hisses at me when I try and pick her up and she doesn`t want to be. It`s kind of scary to hear a cat hiss at you.
    Then like a few minutes after she gets out she meows and wants back in. The stray calico was like your stray cat in that way.
    XD I don`t think my cat has ever slept that long all at once. She also is an indoor cat but likes to run outside whenever she gets the chance. Its gotten her locked out all night a few times.
    Haha oh wow! XD I can see that happening to my cat. I think shes getting more lazy the older she gets though.
    Well my family agrees that our cat now is definetly insane in some way. She acts crazy a lot but we love her anyways. I can`t describe it, you`d just have to see her to understand. XD The calico was one of the sweetest animals ever and put up with just about anything you did to her. One particular incident with her I remember was that my mom was in the car line to pick me up from school when she hears a meow from the back of the car. The cat had climbed into the car when my mom wasn`t looking. So we had to drive all the way back home with her meowing. Bet it was an odd sight for the people looking at us in our car to see a cat freely climbing around. XP It was funny.
    I bet they were! I`ve never had a kitten before. My cat was like 1 when we got her, and fully potty trained. XD
    Thats awesome!!! Sad that two of them died, but at least you saved the others. I know the calico lives somewhere in my neighborhood but I don`t know where and I haven`t seen her around.
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