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  • Well, my mom's gone till' 9, but I don't know how far-off my granparents are (I also have no idea what they'll think when I ask them O_O ) If I give to you, please don't make calling here the norm, it's probably piss gramps, seein' as he's a nut when it comes to the bills (He's the one who pays them).
    I'm not about to take your word on that, plus I'm not one to hold back just because someone's the opposite gender, I believe we are equal. Not saying the possibity of you kicking my ass isn't out there, just saying me kicking your's is :/
    :0 No! Bad, Mushu, no!
    (Ugh) This gonna sound really lame, but my mom wants me to get my granparents permission and they don't get back till tomorrow afternoon :/

    And probably never will
    Supposably not as much :/

    I rest my case ;)

    I'm so sorry for your loss ;_; But, just to cover all the bases: Do you have any father figure that would object :/?
    According to my mother, it's still long distance (I think matters on whether I'm using a home phone or cell). Another thing that's got me catious, is what are your family members going to say? I'm know all too well how a father can act towards a guy being around their daughter (They get the wrong idea, they think the guys in the wrong, and they don't listen to anyone when they trying to correct their understanding of the situation) o_O
    I'd do it, if not for; I don't think you should give me your number via a VM and I don't know how much it would cost to make the call :/
    thanks? ur pretty good urself... just gettin back into it... at least I know how to improv... XP
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