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Recent content by Muke

  1. Muke

    Spoilers ► LEAKS discussion - ENTER AT OWN RISK

    I watched all the cutscenes. I do not like where the story is going at all. The only thing I enjoyed was the battle cutscene because I thought it lolked great and the fact that Kairi is going to train with Aqua. I was never going to buy MoM anyway because while the demo was enjoyable, it‘s just...
  2. Muke

    Spoilers ► LEAKS discussion - ENTER AT OWN RISK

    Where can we follow the leaker/where are they posting this stuff?
  3. Muke

    News ► New screenshots, Mickey and Kairi renders for Melody of Memory

    Kairi looks great in the old art style! We need a name to differentiate between the two art styles now lol
  4. Muke

    News ► Rumour: A World Based on Frozen 2 Reportedly Considered for Kingdom Hearts 4

    I‘m not surprised, but still excited! I genuinely enjoyed Frozen 2 and I imagine they cay do waaaay more with it. I think this could be so action packed and I HOPE they‘ll have Show Yourself in it.
  5. Muke

    News ► Nintendo Enthusiast: No plans for Switch ports for Kingdom Hearts games, other Nomura games possible

    Sorry but... this just sounds like a weak excuse. Witcher 3 made it lol. With many graphical crompomises, sure, but the KH games really aren‘t as graphically intense (minus .2 anf 3).. soo
  6. Muke

    News ► GameInformer interviews Hazama, Suzui, and Nomura about Melody of Memory

    I mean that idea sounds good. Would‘ve been better if they just made us play as Kairi through past events? Her knowing about literally everything makes just as little sense. She could‘ve been a phantom or something idk Nomura could‘ve thought of something
  7. Muke

    News ► Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory Releases November 13 2020

    Newsflash if you don‘t agree with the price wait for it to go on sale.
  8. Muke

    News ► RUMOR: Austrian retailer Gameware sets November 2020 release for KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory

    I‘m Austrian and I‘ve never seen a game for 62,99€ lmao what a weird price. So probably placeholder or the price that retailer is selling it at... i also never heard of this retailer but meh doesn‘t play a role I guess
  9. Muke

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Dark Road launches on June 22nd!

    No, I know, but if that‘s what they were going to do why bother at all? Like obviously this would‘ve happened — but I didn‘t think it‘d happen this early
  10. Muke

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Dark Road launches on June 22nd!

    So will the whole campaign be acailable from the start or will DR also have monthly/weekly updates?
  11. Muke

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Dark Road launches on June 22nd!

    Dark Road is going to be interesting. I guess I‘m not the first or last person to say I wish this was a console game, but anyways. The new characters are nice, I really like their designs, they‘re just.. different! :) The gameplay didn‘t seem too deep, but meh, I‘m only going to play DR for...
  12. Muke

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Union X enters its final chapter

    I‘m not gonna lie, I *am* glad that this series enters its final chapter. That just means we might get updates faster. It‘s amazing to me that the X-series has been going on for 7 years. Let’s disregard everything except the story for a second. I loved X [chi], still do. The theories and...
  13. Muke

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory game announced, releasing worldwide in 2020

    I noticed something in the gummi ship section. Some of the worlds have a scene/movie icon next to them. Maybe these are the Kairi cutscenes and the main gameplay is literally the rhythm game?