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    Survery for school...

    hey everyone i really need people to take this survery for school i need at least 90 people by tomorrow it is used for research purposes and everything will be kept anonymous if you could take 5 min of your time to complete this it would be highly appriciated. Thanks! The Salem Witchtrials Hysteria
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    Scary Movie 4

    I just rented this movie and i have to say it is extremly funny, is anyone else interested in seeing it?
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    Should there be another...

    Should there be another game like COM for the intermission between kingdom hearts 1 and 2 for 2 and 3? or would that just be a stupid idea? I was wondering because it kept the fans well served for a while if you know what i mean. Share your thouhts and comments here also if you think its a...
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    What Music....

    What music do you think sora would listen to? (ex, rap, rock,jazz etc you can also list a band if yuo would like)
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    Favorite moves

    This is just a random thing i thought of which is your favorite slight? Mine is Sonic Blade since it takes out most of the enemies as the battle starts.
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    Im not sure if there is a topic on this already but who here likes Slipknot? they are a Heavy Metal band (i dont know more then 4 people that like havey meatal lol) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ovWhCROzBk&search=kingdom%20hearts%20funny%20videos That is Slipknot-Before I forget kingdom...
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    Does anyone remember...

    Does anyone remember the E-Reader? i just found it in my room a few days ago and i forgot i had it. There were a few good old time games on it like ice climbers and ping pong but i was just wondering did anyone else ever hear of it and or have it?
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    Ive been here a while but i never introduced myself lol well first off im muffin...DONT EAT ME and i come on this site whenever i get the chance to come on the computer other then that i like to play video games and hang with my friends:D
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    Orchelum +

    eh im not sure about the spelling but i just have a question. Where do you get all the O+ for the Ultima weapon? ive been looking for a long time now and i just cant seem to find them (except the one that you have to get all the synthesis items) if anyone could help me out that would be great...
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    Just when you thought it was....over

    This is a Grandia 3 Fanfiction enjoy! Also this is only charter one there are more to come but i didnt get around to them yet lol Just When You Thought It Was….. Over This is kind of a side quest at the beginning of the game (based on a dream that I had a while ago and I am warning you it is...
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    Last thing youve eaten

    eh i dont know if this belongs here since im still getting to know how the lay-out of the site is but whats the last thing youve eaten? PS sry if this doesnt belong here once again