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  • It'd be easy enough to assign random people to random recipients, but it's getting pretty late in the game, so we'll have to start it soon if we plan to do it :d
    Forum Insanity may not get it serious attention, though. Hm. So it would be something that people comfortable giving a mailing address or something could do, and for those who didn't want to, only gifts that could be given digitally would work. I think it would be a lot of fun! We would just have to ask where it should go.
    Ooh, like a secret Santa thing? Would it be for things you can give only (like, say, drawings or writings) or things that could be bought, or either? I think it'd be a lot of fun! I can't say I know how many people would be interested, but I would be.
    Man, according to my math from this last test, 100-40=50. It's sad how much I mess up the little stuff, haha. Art and theater seem so fun, but soooo time consuming and tough, too.
    With good teachers, any class can be fun --even... *shudders* computer programming. Ah man, any major that requires calculus is impossible for me, I've forgotten all my advanced math knowledge from Calculus I and Calculus II.
    My enemy is chemistry. But biology interests me so much, hehe! I've never studies astronomy and geology, though. They sound fun.
    I don't think I could major in spanish and survive, haha. I'm a biology girl at heart. But I might minor in Spanish.
    The only foreign language I'm currently learning is Spanish, and that's not exactly a walk in the park for me. I'm good at reading it and not too bad at writing it, but speaking it is tough.
    I've heard about that! I wanna try it someday. Disney Tokyo semes like a fun place to go, but I'm held back by the language barrier myself TvT
    Sea salt ice cream and Royalberry ice cream! (I wish some of the ice cream in BBS was real, it looks so tasty. Of course, some looks better than others, haha.
    I'm sure any name can be anagrammed with an X if you try hard enough~ But if you join Organization 13, Xehanort's gonna try to put his heart inside of you.
    Two shadows? Like, little plushies of them? That is so cute~ Sounds like you had a great anniversary. I want someone who'll make me a custome heartless~ Or maybe a dream eater.
    Aw, they're getting ready for Christmas already! Yo should tell them that Halloween comes first, though. xd
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