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Mr. Wilhelm
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  • Hola, :)
    just wondering if u wanted to still do the star wars rp? if so i posted my temp, but its under cunstruction ;D
    Just wondering, I know it's mostly/probably obvious, but Jean-Luc is 'The FDF General in charge of protecting Gravix 7'...?
    See, that's the exact mentality I have towards books. I was really annoyed when Dumbledore died (and not to mention a little heartbroken, I swear) but I knew that Rowling had killed him off for a reason that was vital to the progression of the story, and his death served its role well. I don't mean to be awkward but I have to use the example of Stephenie Meyer and the events of Breaking Dawn; she built it up so much and then at the end, such an insignificant character died. A character that was mentioned like, what? Six times? And was only seen once? It was ridiculous. Rowling understood, like you said, that people die when the going gets tough and I'm glad she did the right thing in her mind and made the story much more powerful. It did annoy me that she just casually mentioned how Tonks and Lupin had died, but I guess you can't fit every single detail in. Who were your favourites, by the way? My most favourite character was Voldemort. D:

    Voldemort's return was obvious, yes, and to be honest, I can't relate when people say that they thought the book was shocking and whatnot. I was phased by it, yes, but on a much more personal level, but the actual content seemed unsurprising, I guess? Maybe I'm just weird like that. :/
    A good author kills off her pretties for the sake of the story, so don't fret. That's an argument I was having with a guy on YouTube a few weeks ago, after he was bitching and complaining that it wasn't fair for the next generation of children to have to read about so many "pointless" deaths in Deathly Hallows when it was supposed to be a childrens' book. Is it just me, or am I the only one who saw the inevitable darkness of the series from the first book? :/
    like the Black mage dresspheres became the black materia, The white mage became white such and such...and didn't someone say that materia contains the memories of the deceased sorta like Spheres did... okay... I'm thinking I'll work on this idea before I put up the thread... see ya round, Mr. Wil
    but then The Mako is condensed into the familiar shape of spheres and that's how materia is made....or something like that...
    but Remember the Al bhed have blue eys and so do the Soldier... and I did say possibly.. but could throw that idea out...
    oh! yeah! That could Really work! Then possibly throw in a connection between the Al bhed and the Soldier!
    that and what I think as the children of the original characters...and the story depends on the secret FFX-2 ending where Yuna is with Tidus again...and I have the perfect template for one of them... like the children of YRP form a new team of Sphere hunters...
    pretty good... School started again and I'm graduating at the end of the year... yeah I'm now a Grade 12 nao...do you think you can help me create an RP? I'm thinking on doing something like FFX-2 with the dresspheres and the new generation of sphere hunters...
    You are so full of yourself. You can sit around and talk about how disrespectful I am and then just keep running your mouth "sinking to my level". Golly, it must be nice. And I guess I had it coming when I asked why I should respect you, but I am only going to say this once when I tell you, don't you ever lecture me again or try and tell my how I should or should not be. There will be serious problems if that happens again. You can go your way and I'll go mine.
    Lol, re-wha? Respect? Why should I respect you? Because you have a high post count? What have you done to warren respect? This is ridiculous, you're ridiculous.
    french eh.
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