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  • Maybe someday. :) I hope so too! Haha, you're welcome. Seemed like you needed the well-deserved praise, since you said on it, "even if nobody cares" or something like that. Hope I haven't embarassed you. ^^;
    Well, if you get the time, I'd love to see your work! :D I was given Kingdom Hearts for Christmas that year too. I was instantly hooked, and have now played every game except DDD (only through lack of my own 3DS). Glad I found this site though, I've met lots of great friends on here! Oh, and I saw your pic in the picture thread. You look great! ^^
    Awesome. :D Plus Im open to chat anytime I'm on. :3 That's really cool! I'm not in school, so no real areas of studies per se, but I enjoy writing and reading! I'm a pretty avid gamer, mostly on Nintendo and Sony systems. When were you introduced to Kingdom Hearts? :)
    Haha, yeah it can be pretty annoying, but It's all I got. :( Well, I hope to see more from you in the future! Any interests besides Kingdom Hearts? :)
    Thank you.^^ I'm generally a very courteous guy. :3 I joined in October of last year, just over 1 year ago. Time flies online! XD I try to post when I can, but this phone makes things difficult. I'm a budding writer, but I can't post things on here because this phone won't let me paragraph stuff. And im too nice to trouble a mod with editing all of it. XD
    Haha me too. XD Well, I'm glad to talk to you then, you're really nice.^^ Yeah, I was just glad to spend time with them. How long have you been a member here? I don't remember seeing you around before.
    You're very welcome! :) Hehe, I'm super shy in real life, so I try to be more outgoing online. :3 I only got clothes, so you lucked out. XD Mine was ok. Could've been worse. Enjoyed time with the family. :3
    Haha I'm not really sure. I just like meeting people. How are you today? ^^ Have a good Christmas?
    Alright thanks. If you ever feel bored enough to come back be sure to let me know. It isn't any problem at all. Don't worry about it.
    Would you like to still do critiques? I'm just wondering since I haven't heard from you in a while.
    If you'd like me to take you off the team just let me know.
    Hey do you still want to do critiques? Just wondering since it's been a while. c:

    You still have to finish <3's Project 42 if I'm not mistaken.
    Take whichever you prefer. It's completely up to you. :3\'


    ...sorry about that. friend decided to type all over the keyboard when i went to click post.
    Welcome to the team, moonstar. :D

    If you want to do any more at all just be sure to tell me. <3
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