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How to Choose a Vacuum That is a Best Fit for Your Home Cleaning

In modern life today, dirt will follow you everywhere such as workplaces, on the streets, and especially into your home after a tiring workday. While constantly sweeping your house and mopping floors can make you lose patience, a vacuum cleaner would be an ideal friend that keeps your home clean without much effort. But, how do you pick a good vacuum cleaner?

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Choosing a vacuum cleaner is not a hard task but it might take time and even waste your money if you pick the wrong one. Now, you can have peace of mind because we are right here to help you learn step by step even if you are a beginner with using vacuum cleaners.


7 important things you should consider when choosing a vacuum cleaner

Now, let’s go through all the vacuum buying factors and learn how to choose a vacuum cleaner like a vacuum expert!

Types of surfaces and dirt

This is the first thing that you need to know because different surfaces and kinds of dirt will need to be cleaned in different ways. For example, if most of your house surfaces are hard floors and cover large areas, you should choose a vacuum cleaner with high power suction and make sure the cord length is enough that you don’t need to unplug it while vacuuming. However, if you want to clean bare floors or stairs you need a vacuum cleaner that is lightweight. This one will be an ideal friend. Today, vacuum manufacturers are trying to perfect their vacuum cleaner models so that they can be use for multi-purpose tasks. Therefore, don't worry if you live in a multi-floor house; you still have a chance to find the best fit for yourself. You also need to care about different types of dirt because there are dedicated vacuum cleaners that will be tailored better to your needs such as for pet hair.

Types of vacuum cleaners

After knowing more about your home, try to choose the type of vacuum that is suitable for your type of home cleaning. Remember that each vacuum type will have advantages and disadvantages. Let see the features of some of the main vacuum cleaner types.

Upright vacuums: Upright models are the most popular vacuum type on the market. These are also considered the traditional vacuum cleaner style. If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that you don't need to bend your back down while vacuuming, then the upright vacuum cleaners will most likely meet your needs. They often have powerful suction to give a deep cleaning especially on thick carpets and hard floors. The upright vacuum cleaners typically have a wider cleaning path, bigger dirt bin/bag capacity, and a longer cord than the other types. However, if you need to clean the tiny corners or high areas, the weight of these vacuums is not very friendly (might up to 20 pounds) although some newer upright vacuums can have high power yet still in the lightweight category. Aside from the heavier weight, they might make more noise than other styles.

Canister vacuums: Canister vacuums have a vacuum head that connects with the main part which is called a canister. This vacuum type will be more lightweight than upright vacuums. Because of this design it will be easier to lift it up on stairs or clean under furniture, bare floors, curtains, car seats, or other nooks. These vacuum types often come with more attachments and replacing the attachments will also be more convenient. However, I have to admit that although it is lighter and more maneuverable than an upright vacuum, it is not as easy to store (more parts tend to be bulky).

Handheld vacuums: These are called handheld vacuums because you can take it everywhere to clean and are very comfortable to hold. With the miniature design, this vacuum type allows you to clean on pile carpet, curtains, bare floors, or upholstery quickly and easily. However, they might not give you a strong suction like an upright or canister vacuum and you might also have to empty the dust cup or waste bin frequently due to its small size.

Robotic vacuums:

This vacuum type can help you do your cleaning with the least effort. Robotic vacuum cleaners can do vacuuming while you are busy with other work or while relaxing. Some models allow you to control the vacuum by an app on a smartphone through a Wi-fi connection. However, the robot vacuum cleaners often do just a light cleaning and only on the flat areas so they cannot give you the best quality deep cleaning on the hard-to-clean surfaces such as on thicker carpets or area rugs.

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Suction power

The power of the vacuum suction will decide how well that vacuum cleaner can pick up dirt. You should know that the watts or amps indicators on vacuum cleaners do not represent its suction power or its performance. Some people are confused about this when choosing a vacuum cleaner. The fact is a vacuum cleaner with lower amps still can have higher performance than the others if they are designed with good construction. The key in this situation is airflow and sealed suction. The suction power with airflow from 100 CFM or sealed suction from 90 inches is recommended to give you the best deep cleaning.


Looking for HEPA filter technology in a vacuum cleaner will help you have a good machine not only vacuuming dust or pet hair but also doing the job of filtering the air. Now, you can easily find this technology in most vacuum cleaners. Why is this important? The HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter can have the capacity to trap 99.9 percent of particles such as pet dander, dust mites, or pollen. Therefore, HEPA filters can keep the air fresh and harmless even for those families with members who are suffering from asthma or allergies.


Most vacuum cleaners will come with at least a few accessories or attachments. The attachments of a vacuum cleaner will help expand the features or add-ons to make vacuuming more efficient. For example, if your family lives with pets, an upright vacuum can clean nearly the entire house covered with pet hairs but it will be difficult to clean the tiny or hard to reach areas. Therefore, a mini motorized brush for other surfaces such as carpeted stairs, car seats, and upholstery are sometimes included and can do this job excellently. The compact cleaning tools will help the vacuum cleaner remove pet hair and debris from any surfaces and it's also much easier to move and control while vacuuming.


Noise level

A quiet vacuum cleaner can do home cleaning while your baby is sleeping. I believe you will be very stressed if your vacuum cleaner has good performance but creates a loud sound while vacuuming. You should consider this factor carefully. The noise level around 78 dB is at an accepted level. However, if you are looking for a quiet vacuum cleaner, the noise level should be around 60-70 dB.

Additional Considerations

: The capacity of a vacuum cleaner is evaluated by the size of the dust bag or cup. A vacuum cleaner with the larger size dust bag or cup will help you more conveniently when cleaning instead of having to replace the bag or cup in a short amount of time.

Cord long: The suitable length of the cord will allow you to clean larger areas in your home and not have to unplug it. Consider how large your home is to pick the right one.

Warranty: The manufacturer’s warranty for your vacuum cleaner will help you avoid damages that might arise. You should look for the one with a long enough warranty time. In my opinion, it should be from 2 years to 5 years.


The vacuum cleaner can be the best model for others but might not be quite suitable for you. You should check the vacuum weight, price, and convenience of attachments while taking into consideration you lifestyle and hobbies.

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The bottom line

Have you received the answer to how to choose a good vacuum cleaner? I hope you are able to make an informed choice. A good vacuum cleaner will be based on different factors but innovative features and how user-friendly it is are the top considerations for me, what about you?
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