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  • you don't know who the person in the avatar is?
    It's Sazh from FF13! and you call yourself a fan of Final fantasy...
    So lets run this little manner in the form of straight
    Let you little optics pay attention like they did in Kuwait
    But a battle without cause is just ebbing with flaw
    I break out that vorpal blade as I rupture the raw
    Completing the cut, man keep yourself check
    What background you have is irrelavent in text
    These words aren't blind
    Both inciteful and powerful, a stimulant of the mind
    I'm not that type of man who likes to waste another's time
    For what its worth traitor you can stay on your grind
    Do all of those past dirty like its so easy to rewind
    You can't exactly blame me because of such infamy
    Even for an enemy, have I been but so hostile to thee?
    Wheres the sense?
    This much is common
    I'm frying this guy up, egg and cheese omelet.
    Coming at me with such rigiourous demeanor,
    Take this bar of soap and come back with a body thats cleaner
    Because I embody righetous law in the from this name of the cult
    Its not a joke, but from this hand was from most its bulk.
    I did that fast, can you see how its off my head?
    If you can't keep up the pace don't bother to steer ahead.
    Or even tread
    Your message will wind up dead.
    Like that one harlot from the bad side of the project
    That kind of obscenity is why women are labeled objects.
    I'm not sure I get the idea of what your trying to say
    tie in another lie and we can be at this all day
    with one line, its drawn, your broken down to dismay
    Merciful masters keep the wisdom strung astray
    Miracle Mog, nothing by a traitors endeavor
    Your making this difficult when you force yourself to be clever
    But we've just one lever, no its a switch.
    Flipping it on, and these string of rhymes it ain't even a glitch
    So take up arms, bold men stronger than you and even I
    Take it from the top and let your eyes then meet mine.
    Lol I don't remember what I posted but okay...And Days isn't considered spoiler anymore..it's been out for a good while...sooo :)! but I love you to. THanks for stopping by my page
    I would do if I had the power to delete/close that thread and if I wanted to.
    As often as we need them, right now I think the staff is pretty balanced so we won't be needing to hire anyone else.
    Unfortunately I can't. Altering your profile is not part of my powers.

    You need to contact one of the Admins in order to get it changed. So try asking jeels or Shamdeo. They'll be happy to help you out.
    You are Welcome, Mog. If you have any future questions for me I'll try to answer them to the best of my ability ^_^
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