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  • That place is filled with great/epic art and scans, hentai, AND great/epic hentai. :D!

    Okay, so first, the search engine. Since you're not a member there, you can only search up to two tags (even if you did sign up, you'd have to pay if you want to increase that limit). For example, you type in "cellphone headphones". And just like that it finds all of the pictures that associate with both of those tags stuck to the picture. You have to be careful though, because there would also be other pictures where it would seem that it would apply, but either not have those tags stuck to them or it would actually be something else. But when typing in something that has a space in, for example "code_geass" you would have to type the _ as a space since they're together. Plus it would get confusing.

    There are frequent new posts everyday, so it would take you over 15000 pages to browse the general stock of pictures altogether. That's why the search engine is there. Pictures ages when they were posted vary, but you will be able to tell how old they might be since more recent posts are at or near the first page of the contents, while the oldest would be at or near the last page. But you have to be careful on going to the last page right away too. Sometimes the last pages might be completely empty and might be because there either used to be filled there and cleaned it up, or they would be just for show, possibly because of the excessive use of the tags or something. That's something that I'm too lazy to find out.

    You can just click on a picture to find a tag you would be looking for though. But it's only one tag. And it might take you a lot of tag jumping just to get to the picture you want (you might even end up back where you started). So it's wise to use the search engine. But remember, like I said, you can only search up to two tags only. And if you're curious as to what will happen, you'll just be redirected to the first page, sometimes having a red warning at the top reminding you that you can only search up to two tags only. But sometimes that warning might show up every once in a while when you don't, so just ignore it when that particular situation happens.

    Now some extra pictures. Some pixiv(another anime picture site, but it's in Japanese so you'll have a hard time searching, plus you have to be a member there just to view the pictures) pictures, or generally Japanese fanartist's picture, are posted on the site. Whether it's hentai or not, there might be some [Japanese] dialogues in the picture. The good news is that you can see the translations by scrolling over those notes that are boxes over the dialogue. A tag next to the picture "translated" will further prove just that. The bad news is that it doesn't get translated right away so you have to wait a while before translation can show up. And translation time lag will depend on how long the translation will take. At times, you can see that it would be partially translated (yes, they have a tag for that too) meaning you'll have to wait a little longer for it to be completely translated. The worse news is that some old ones never get translated either because the tag "translation_request" doesn't show up, or the translator doesn't do it at all. But with all of these cases (excluding the ones completely translated and the ones that don't ask for translations), the tag "translation_request" will always show up. Oh by the way, if it looks like it's completely translated to you yet it says "partially_translated", it's because they have to translate the sound effects too.

    By the way, some pictures won't get tagged into their respective categories via their artist's alias because they might be too recent. But there are groups of pictures where they would be in the same art style. But the thing is, if there's no source or mention of the artist in the source, they won't be tagged by the artist's alias.

    I use the pictures for the rps all the time, but you can't just copy and paste the image or link to the sole image itself just like that onto here, because the pictures belong to that shared site. The only way that you can link it to here is by linking the actual page. Yes, with all of the advertisements and layouts and everything.

    Now the advertisements. Most link to other hentai websites. But don't worry, Danbooru won't crash or slow your computer down, believe me. So you don't have to worry about viruses or anything like that.

    At times, the site will be off in maintenance for while, so don't come back like in five or ten minutes or so. It doesn't take that long for it to come back up. The time extension might be longer, but so far it's only been as long as 15, 20, or 30 minutes. Not that long before waiting.

    Well, I have given you all that I have experienced so far (as far as the many things I did there that I can remember) and so, you shall be surfing throughout the wonderful site of Danbooru with ease.
    I'm sorry to hear that. I have friends in that same situation, either by their family or outside influences. Just trying to help.
    uuuhhhh no thanks not the biggest fan of gun more of a blades fan but thanks and I have to say your weapon explanations were really good actually they were the best so far
    No problem. I like blood. XD You can show me your drawings whenever you want. :3
    I'm going to go and watch a movie now, so I won't be answering for a while.
    Hmm...I estimate 34% America, 38% European based altogether, and 28% of some parts of Asia here and there altogether.

    I could be totally wrong, though. I'm only basing this on the fact that, due to the rules of this being an engilsh-based forum, the only way a member could join is if they knew fluent English and such. Eli suggested some sort of literacy test though.
    well there are a lot of black people I encounter in these forums, not that many asians, and i have confirmed few white people here that i've encountered so far... what'd you expect?
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