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  • Yup, all I need to do is double check the post for spelling errors and it's ready to go. :)

    I've already got three pieces for the next post done, with minor edits here and there needing to be made.
    It's not Sora's fault, although I do agree, I really need to get a post up. I'll see about getting the post up tonight, I just need to double check it and then it should be good to go. It's going to be a long one though, since it's going to have Ienzo, Riku, Cecilia, Tora and Ven in it.
    Ha, I know that feeling. I hate working in the freezer; and waiting for the Mustang to warm up is torture, so I usually hitch a ride from my mom. What does Magic want you to do?
    So, are you still in for Apocalypse? Magic's getting kind of impatient, as I'm sure you've noticed. How are things on your end of the world? Hopefully, a lot warmer than it is up in the sub arctic where I live. XD
    It's the very first one. Haruka was a God/Devil hybrid, and I believe he used fire magic.

    I'm actually trying to merge thread 1 and 2 into a single part.
    The most recent thread now is I want to assume 4-5 years in the future.
    btw, i started a fanfic of the original cast of Solace in Night.
    In writing the second chapter, theres this part where Haruka (i had to rank you as a lieutenant) offers Anya candy.
    I thought that was hilarious and made it demented sounding lmao.
    Mist, You need to post already... We are waiting on you to reply so that we can end the day...
    All the others in your bunk of survivors are stow away in the world trade center (rebuilt for purposes and time period of this RP)
    So I sent a message to lightandark. About his character and Ur's. Red. Okay so basically I told him I want him to post first. Hes going to describe his surroundings aanx then hes going to see a glimpse of you. You get closer when u see him a human perhaps? Or even better a weilder. Red hopefully wants some extra points with sononea at this time. as red gets closer he hears whites message calling everyone to the meeting.you don't respond. U know him and his whole badboy attitude. U find him u both talk u find out hes a hybrid. Hybrid round up. And u some how force or convince him to go with you. Back to camp. U message white threw your helm and u head back via portal or walk then when u get back dream posts as white asking questions a whereabouts etc leadership stuff... she fills you in on what happened then u go from there.
    She is going to be the speedy close combat type. Quite the contradiction for a summoner right? And Im also gonna make a guardian that travels with her. Her name is Fu and the guardians name is Kyodai, but they are nothing more than summoner and guardian.
    Okay, the last thing you'd done with Xarce was in Traverse Town with Tora; you said that she could pick the destination; so she summoned a portal and pulled Xarce through it. I posted for Tora again and had her appear in Midgar (Final Fantasy VII); she's currently with Aqua, Vesper and Lea; so you could have Xarce show up there, or you could have Xarce show up somewhere else.

    I'm sorry that it's not much, but that's what I can think of off of the top of my head.
    That's good. The job and computer part I mean. ^^; I hope you feel better Lane. Make sure to rest. ^^
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