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  • I know, right. Like I said, just a rumor, lol. The movie's just wouldn't be the same without them. They would be a disaster.
    IDK, lol. I heard the Robert and Kirsten won't be in the last two movies, but they'll be in the next one. Something about drugs. Just a rumor, I think, but I'm not entirely sure...
    I know exactly what you mean, but all in all, it wasn't that bad of a movie, for being made from a book-to-movie, ya know? They didn't ruin nearly as much as I thought they would.
    Rosalie is a bitch, lol. I like it after she breaks the bowl, and Esme goes "Clean this up. Now"

    I totally lol-ed, lol.
    XD!!! I liked how Emmet kinda ran up that tree to catch the ball, and Rosalie's line "My monkey man."

    I laughed so hard at that, lol.
    Well, TheDoomOreo likes Edward too, lol. So there you go...

    I really like the way Alice pitches in the movie, lol!!! But that's just me, lol...
    NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! YOU CAN'T VOTE FOR EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!! Crap...ah well.

    I actually really like Alice in the movie, lol. She's like super hot, lol.
    Well...you should vote for Jacob anyway, 'cuz Edward's winning, and we don't like it, lol!!!

    I like Jasper too, though...But actually, I'd have to say that Alice is my fav.
    Yesh it is!!! Wow, I didn't realize how new you were... Well, welcome!!!

    You a Twilight fan???
    I checked all the books, but I'll try again. THanks.

    it's a great game, but it bugs me I got stuck.
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