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  • lol Taylor. But I`m no stranger to americans let me tell you... I`ve met people from all around the world... and with my open-mindedness... I`ve met gays, Lezbians, Trannies and many other kinds of people... (I even have a MtF living down the street from me.
    well I had this picture of most americans... like the ones that follow stereotypes and that... We don't say 'eh' at the end of every sentence...But overall there are a few good ones...
    Yeah I thought I might be a TG person myself...but it's just that I'm just a simple boy with effiminate thoughts... I'm naturally open minded and I think that should they not feel right about themselves... they should do what they can to correct it...like I heard this story from a friend of mine, there was a pregnancy camp or something and estrogen leaked out and got into the drinking supply of the pregnant women at the camp and that generation of all the boys born after that, all ended up effeminate in some way and some got it so bad that their child ended up becoming a transexual
    I had a thought that you`d know of that since your practically living a TG sequence as we speak...but it`s nice talking to you...
    Photos... Music... The photos are of TG sequences and the music is dragonforce and the soundtrack from Persona for the PSP
    Oh I warn you, if you do get a tumblr be careful what you search for.

    You'll see a lot of porn (beware the KH tag T_T) and a lot of NSFW stuff.
    Tumblr isn't perfect. The site does glitch out often (my theme breaks pretty often) but the site gets up and running pretty quickly.

    I don't like how 110MB places limits on you. A popular blog would eat up its 100 gigs of bandwidth pretty quickly.
    What kind of website troubles?

    There's no reason why you shouldn't get one! Your poetry and art will get more exposure on tumblr. I won't go back on my promise. If do you get one, I'll be your first follower. If you need help with your blog, I can help.
    That makes already three Californians among the people I regularly talk with, lol.
    Sign, Kiwi+ and you. ^__^

    Alaska is more "north-west" anyways, *ggg*.
    Lol, exactly as this is really so minor and unimportant that it will never be addressed.

    (It's more than likely only a joke nonetheless, *ggg*).

    Speaking of dinner...have to do that myself shortly...;)
    Not that there is anything wrong with that.

    People just should not expect Nomura to address every detail in the canon series, there are some gaps meant to be left open.

    Using your own interpretations and conclusions to flesh out things is completely fine and encouraged. ;)
    Yep. It's still somewhat refreshing though that Nomura uses other relations mostly in KH as family issues are so overused in fiction works.

    His mother calling for dinner...lol, some parts of the fandom even make a fuss out of that little bit...*ggg*
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