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  • I understand that. I live with my parents too, so they make me do stuff even if I don't feel like it. XD If I were them I'd let you relax, though. ^_^ And yeah, I guess you're right. It gives you a reason to bundle up really warm. :)
    You're very welcome! ^_^ *hugs back* Try resting on some pillows or a bunch of blankets, make as much cushion as possible. It's a wee bit chilly here, but hot chocolate is yummy any time. :3 I don't like the cold. Winter is my least favorite season lol. Except the holidays of course~
    Awww, I wish there was something I could do to help. :( Just make sure to take it easy, ok? *sips on some hot chocolate myself* it is yummy! ^_^
    Ouch! D: Will you be ok? Poor thing... Would some hot chocolate help? :) *gives you a cup*
    I know! D: I have to wait longer for it to hit DVD so I can watch movies. Oh, how are you today? :D
    If anything I've jinxed myself more. ^^'

    *u* Thats pretty cool! I've meet a few people from other countries on here but not one that's moved here from one~

    8D Trust me if you was tea, you'd be in a many mans top choice~
    lol Sadly I have none of those.

    Sorry to leave but it's nearly 2am for ol Gram here and I cant hold my head up anymore, I'm gonna go on to bed. But it was great talking to you today! Hope We get more chances too saturday [or sunday, whenever I reappear] farewell~ 8D
    If your luck is like ours everything else will just raise with it making it pointless. =[ I'm so stuck cause of the economy.

    *o* I didn't know that! 8D So your native Mexican then? =D I see, ever get words mixed up here and there? lol

    Whaaaat? Psssh dont be modest but you looks lots prettier now~ 8D
    ^3^ lol I'd say you crazy for not liking your pictures but I cant ever like any of mine so I'm no better. Yet another reason I dont use it, I dont like my relatives~ x'D
    I know! I can't even get over 9hrs at my work place. =[ The economy is so bad I cant move either and I REALLY want to.

    \^u^/ That's so cool! Is that a part of Cali that speaks spanish prominently then? You even have two accents~

    *o* You looked that pretty in an old picture? Bet you must look even prettier now then! rofl I can't take good pictures to save my life. xD Guess it's good I dont facebook then, I'd never hear the end of it for not taking pictures.
    I wouldn't recommend coming here, it really is a waste of space. Which is very sad to say since the country/scenery is beautiful. =[

    =D English isn't your first language!? That's pretty cool! What others do you speak? *u*

    ^-^ Wow your rather beautiful then.
    lol Each time I try to take a picture of myself for that thread it looks horrible.
    XD That's just how movie theatres are, I watched it on dvd, so the tv could be any volume I wanted.:p But it was still a cool movie.^^
    TnT guu *hugs*

    Kentucky. =/ Pillbilly hell.

    When'd you start video games then? xD Did I just see you in the picture thread?
    No. =[

    A small town would be nice if there was things to do and all the neighbors weren't liable to rob your house for pills. TnT

    Aw why'd you stop for? I tried a few gundam series but I never enjoyed them like I did Wing. lol That's alright, I wasn't a big fan of the first avatar cartoon but this second one is pretty good. =]
    lol Well there would be if most had stayed. I've had a many a friends here leave before they reached 20.

    lol You wouldn't want to live in my small town it is literally [listed by wiki I might add] 2 miles in size and it's full of bums and drug addicts. Granted I wouldn't want to live in a big city either, I dont like parties or clubs or such myself. I just wish I had a bigger TOWN is all. =[

    TuT You have such great taste <3
    Of course DBZ first of all, lived on that as a child. Outlaw star is one of my all tiem faves. I've read the Ruroni and Oran mangas which was great. I like Gundam Wing, Code Geass, I REALLY like Mushishi, Sword Art Online, currently one piece manga, Dgrayman, Beelzebub, Legend of Korra anndddd....I cant remember I know there's a lot more though. xD
    Yayyy. XD I love those movies too. ^^ I just saw Star Trek into Darkness yesterday.\*u*/
    ^-^ lol It's rare to meet one close to age with me here let alone above~

    Well sadly my town is so small those are all I've got. Though I do love to swim in the summer, I'm drawn to fire more than I should be, I like anime stuff and I read manga to pass the time. ^3^
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