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  • TnT Cause life can't be good everyday </3

    I'm not sure, I'd leave the entire country if possible but I'm not sure where to go. xD
    Why south korea? o3o

    xD There's a video on THE ROCK somewhere.
    It's beyond delicious, the only thing I truly look forward to on a bday. <3

    Thats why you save that little speech for when you can move and laugh at them as you leave~ That's largely my main reason, I'd also like to leave my state but to broke. u_u

    Do you have second chance?
    I haven't been since then either because my town is so small and they kept it no nasty the closed it. Best cake ever TuT <3

    I see, I'm more the person that's "AHAHA why dont you make me?"
    Aww ='[ I hope you get to move then, I'd like to move out to but not because of that reason.

    x'D The early bit of getting to the rock requires a bit of leaf bracer, cure and dashing.
    lol I loved those oreo ones from burger king <3 My fave cake of all is yellow with chocolate icing!

    =/ Things are getting bad right now I may have to help my parents too, cause sadly their so stubborn they wont let me unless its very bad. Like my dad messed his shoulder up horribly but still wont let no one else weed-eat his yard.
    Then thats what they get for not listening to you. I'd have fought them the whole way before going but I seem to have that stubbornness I mentioned above. xD

    x'D That just means your not getting him stuck in the right part of THE ROCK!!!
    Ah to bad. ouo What about cake?

    Yep and sadly it's not spent quickly on fun things but things I need. I never had the money or grades to get such schools or loans. u_u Though I probably wouldn't have went anyway.
    lmao If you think that's a troll, I beat vanitas sentiment by using "THE ROCK" method where you exploit a glitch and get him stuck in a rock and then just spam strike raid through the boulder until he dies. x'DDDDDD
    I love peanut butter!!! In cookies and normal, though I'm not allergic. xD

    My moneyz are only enough to refill gas, razor blades and other such small things. TnT
    x'D Strike raid is such a troll move, I beat xemnas by spamming it over and over rofl
    That they are. ^^ Mmm... I like white chocolate macadamia nut cookies, and chocolate chip. Chips Ahoy! :D Sooo yummy!~
    le gasp!?...Dont worry I wont judge nor tell. >u>...<u<....It'll be our little secret. ;D

    lol sadly I get so few hours it allows me time to work out 6 days a week. ;n;
    Then there ya go, your trying to fight him the hard way when all you need to do is dodge and fire strike raid over and over~ xD
    That's great! :D Guess my hug helped after all~ *gives you some cookies* What's your favorite cookie? :3
    All cookies are bomb! <3 *u*

    Wow you do a lot more than I do! x'D I only do 30 of those elevated push ups, twenty sit ups, and twenty of those things where you raise your legs up and down and then a mile on a tread mile. xD
    D= What is getting you then?
    xD lol Figured so. 0u0 mini M&Ms <3

    xD I do that as I do the elevated push ups. I do about thirty (aint got the arms for much more x'DDDD)
    =O Are you taking any items to heal with?
    =] That's nice, did your friend like it? Good! I sure they'll be filling better! But just in case have a feel better cookie ^-^>O

    lol That'd be nice, feel silly doing it by myself some times. x'D
    Are you using strike raid? It makes you invulnerable as you use it. ;3
    I never could get into those dance movies, even if the stuff they do is cool. ;A; Aw sorry to hear that! Are they not feeling any better at all?

    Ah I see. I workout so that I'm not just sitting around all day.
    lol Trust me get mp rage, strike raid, second chance, and leaf bracer and you'll be able to take him. ;D
    =D What movie did you see? Ah you alright!? D=

    Well I skip working out on weekends so all I have to show for my time is defeating Sephiroth in 1.5! xD
    ^_^ *big glomps back* Hope you feel loads better soon! *gives you a warm snuggie blanket* :3
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