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Miki Hikari
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  • Since when? xD

    Sadly no, you need two 3ds systems to transfer so I can't do it. =3 Though you could try looking into that pokemon bank app.

    lmao Also back when the move dig could hurt koffings. xD

    lol Then I recommend thinking in reverse. Dont worry about what types your enemies have but rather focus on your own team's weak areas. Like say for instance if the first mon in my team is fire I have a water or ground/rock type in second and likewise behind the water/ground/rock type I'll have a grass, electric or if ground fighting type and so on and so forth.
    Every pokemon in my team can easily one shot the pokemon in the position in front of it. =3 Like 6>5>4>3>2>1>6 they are all each others weakness.
    And, in case of random variables, I'll teach most of them a move that isn't their type like my Azumarill knew icepunch even though it's water or how my Krookodile had low kick.

    rofl In the case of bosses for me it's "alright one more try!" (plays till boss finally dies*

    It's the one with Cloud. =3

    lawl No, though now that you mention him he hasn't been here in a while.

    She's near me, we dont hang out that often actually. The other day was the first time in a long while.
    Hi Miki! ^^ Sorry I hasn't been on in a while. I'm back now. :) I'm doing ok, watching Looney Toons at the moment. xD
    :rolleyes: pssh you totally got a crush, I can tell~

    ^_^ Your plenty ready! I'd see which ones are tradeable from the start (pre-league) and transfer them.

    I havent been schooled by ny rivals since the gen 1 days~ xD

    Lol so that means you didnt have tge weaknesses of your team covered doesn't it? =]

    Lmao I'm that way too. xD

    I got final fantasy 7 on my ps3. =3 lol trying to get used to the graphics is hard.

    Sges my first cousin, we're only two months apart but I always own her~ xD
    Thats alright bobblehead. =3 how was school? Get the courage to talk to your crush yet? ;D

    \^0^/ well done!! Howd it feel to beat it?
    I didnt find it hard at all so I cant say. xD

    :rolleyes: ha haaaaa you got schooled by you rival~

    Was you underleveled?
    Lol I didnt know you could be stubborn.

    My day was alright I downloaded a ps1 game onto my ps3. Its hard getting used to the oldschool graphics again. xD
    I also schooled my cousin in mario kart 64, like a boss~
    I can't tell you yet. ;D But I'm definitely getting him chocolate. XD;

    It's about a girl who wants to turn into someone else for this guy and so that everyone can stop making fun of her. I really liked gems and the Zodiac, so I based it on those and gave it the birth theme. She things she has the 'wrong' sign, and the 'wrong' birthstone, so she wants an image and personality that matches them. Unfortunately, the creators of Steven Universe stole my idea and turned it into a badly-animated, badly-written piece of garbage. And now I can't use the gem theme anymore. Every time I look at the commercial, I feel sick. And then there's Homestuck, and now I can't use Zodiac anymore. I've been developing the series for more than half my life, and now I can't even put it out. It's completely ruined. I guess I'll never be original.
    *hugs back* You're extra welcome! ^_^

    Probably so.. after my real party. xD It'll be extra, extra fun!!
    xD X and Y are new pokemon games thougg.

    ^_^ Hope he has it for you.

    Yes. =3

    Miki!!!! Flying turtles!!!!!!!!!! (゚Д゚) Sky Turtle by yuumei on deviantART
    It's your birthday?! :O Well, I say I wish you a merry Happy Birthday to you, dear Miki! <3 :3

    Mine's next week on the 31st! \^__^/

    No, of course not! ^_^ Just saying it because of P4.
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