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    holy shit. mikes a teen now? :3

    Eh. Haven't been very active this year, usually just hangin out in the RPG Inferno section. But anyway, yeah. I finally turned 13. Just sayin'. Carry on. =/
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    So, here's me tryin' to come back from bein' inactive for over a month or two. So, now I gotta read the announcements to now what the hell has really happened.
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    Nintendo Power 358/2 Days

    Link Bah. I scanned this when looking through a recent Nintendo Power issue. Nothing new, says mid-2009 in terms of a release date, but that isn't new eitheir. Just thought I would post it anyway. >.>
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    Real Life Superheroes

    I found this and thought it would give a few people here a chuckle. The Legend of Master Legend : Rolling Stone
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    Goodbye, Sony PSP?

    Goodbye, Sony PSP - Video Game Feature - Yahoo! Video Games So, does this take anyone by surprise? There was already talk of a PSP-4000 buzzing around the internet, which if I am not mistaken, was a hoax. A better question though, would anyone really, really care if the PSP was discontinued...
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    Kingdom Hearts RE: Chain of Memories Action Replay Codes

    I figured since Ragnarok's thread covered Codebreaker and Gameshark codes, why not have a thread for Action Replay users. (M) C0HW-9WWF-NJH6A 2WB3-CKA5-AYQGW Infinite Moogle Points R9VW-C7Y9-J8Z2B CV7Z-W3ZQ-GFJPY All Sleights (Press SELECT) ZMET-9CG4-Q83F9 CERW-P6NE-926HF 6P8F-KP41-WMHTY...
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    First Avatar

    Using the same stock that was used for my current avatar and sig, I made this. It's my first try, and it was made with GIMP. :D! I plan on making a sig to go with it, but for now, thats all I have gotten around to. It's a bit small, and the parts that are white for some reason it wouldn't...
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    Let The Sparks Fly!

    So hey. This is the first thread/battle i'll be doing in the Battles section, and just to get used to things, which shouldn't take long, im making this an open battle for me, and 2 others. I'll go ahead and get right to the location and all that jazz. Location: Dense Forest: Tall trees going...
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    Quinton Flynn recites Chain of Memories lines

    I just came across this on Youtube, and it shows a video of Quinton Flynn, voice actor for Axel, reciting two lines from Chain of Memories. In this video, he says the names of Larxnene and Marluxia. Im not sure if it is offical way to say their names, but it seems like it is. YouTube - Quinton...
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    Lit ► The Outsiders

    For some reason, I feel about writing about a book I just read. I usually dont read many books, but I had to read this book for my English class and I just finished it. And next week we are watching the movie. So I feel like talking about it. It's written by S.E Hinton. I realize it is an old...
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    Knee to the face

    Moar pics?
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    A freaking year

    Yeah, as of today, I have been here a full year now. Over the year, i've talked to alot of awesome people, so it has been enjoyable. So yeah, woot!
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    Its awesome. Discuss now.
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    Soccer Game

    Hell yeah. We won 3-1.
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    What did you eat today?

    Obviously what the title says. What did you have for dinner today? I am just now ordering some pizza from my local pizza place.