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  • Hiya, Mike. Just writin' to catch up, especially since you're one of the only people I know who've been on lately. How've things been going? :3
    Sure just let me talk to lumine and we can give you a official summary/story line. So what else has been going on.
    I know right.

    Cool maybe you should join The Ancient Tale of Darkness and Twilight seeing as it is Castex past and your character forget his name came from the same time zone as Castex.
    No haten here i think.... maybe.

    Not much playing rps writing storys and working towards a degree in game design. What about you are you planning to jump back into the rping world my friend.
    Kid ha I am well i think I am older then you mister lol. Ya its been a while in ancient times when rps were moving faster and had more adrenaline to them. AHHHHH the old days.

    so what have you been up to.
    Hey, I saw your avi request in Eye Burners and I hope you don't mind, but I wanted to take a stab at it.

    And update squad funds too. .-. I sent munny to Ramenz a few days ago.
    I'm still around ya know. Not completely dead, just near it. I should be active again soon if things go well. Oh, and update tasks into the second post for me if you can. Quote the first post then copy/paste the tasks part and make it red.

    Oh, and... hay .-.
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