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Recent content by Mika Kisaragi

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    Sora's masculinity

    I don't see what's wrong with it...Jack isn't even human...you people are perverts for even thinking such weird thoughts.
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    O___O ? This is not a yaoi thread, damnit. >_>
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    3rd version of PASSION

    OMFG!!!one O_O Thank you so much! n___n *glomps your head off* Dx; Oh noes, I broke you. D=; Thanks again. =3; xD;
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    Tifa will so kiss Cloud. Obvious. And Aeris will kiss Leon. Nuff said. And...Donald and Goofy? Boy, are you people sexually deprived...o-O
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    3rd version of PASSION

    Limewire gave my compy a virus. >_>; What a biatch. http://s39.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=0DCZOAW415VK50RPWN1CZNTMMO Took a while to load...for some weird reason. O-o;
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    3rd version of PASSION

    Omg...I love this version. @@; I have the Simple and Clean one, if you still need it. ^^ Does anyone have Passion - After the battle? =O
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    Tifa Confirmed

    ^ Tifa hater! >_> Support Tifa...anyway, I knew about Tifa the first time I saw a picture, even though everyone said it was fake. Jeez...they needed to get their facts straight before assuming. u_u; That's definitely the best piccy of her! She's so pretty! But so serious looking. o-o
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    The Kairi Fight rumor...

    Kairi fighting? I mean, with that outfit, she obviously fights. o-o; I figured they'd give her cute pink gloves (Like Tifa) So she can knock down some baddies. o_o
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    PASSION(ENGLISH) on Limewire

    ^ Maybe he doesn't have Limewire? ^^; Anyway, it's probably not Passion...it's happened to me too. Downloading a song believed to be another song. O-o;;;;
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    Yo >.>;

    *cough* Yes, I'm new here. I liked the site, joined the forum. whoop de doo...~_~ And...on Christmas too. =O; Woohoo! Merry Christmas! =3;