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  • To be honest, Marluxia is just a plain villain. What makes him "special" is his death motif, seeing as how the scythe and sakurai petals falling are things that symbolize death. He's also special because he rebelled against the Organization and was slowly tearing Sora's memories apart.

    I actually like CoM's and Re: CoM's gameplay.
    I've got Axel memorized in my heart... xD
    hey~ saw you in the KH Chi username masterpost, ((Leopardus FTW! I'm in Leopardus too)) said you're new, soooo...
    you can start out by greeting everyone in The Foyer (as the forum has different sections with different purposes. You start a new thread in the Foyer introducing yourself~) and then you can join basically any discussion thread or start your own, just put it in the right place
    tip: don't double-post (submit 2 replies one after another on a thread), that's not really welcomed.. :<

    I'm pretty new here myself, but this place is lots of fun once you get to know the different forum sections and the general atmosphere here~
    have fun >:]
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