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Recent content by Mexican Sora

  1. Mexican Sora

    What Lore Elements Do You Think WILL NOT Go Forward Into Phase 2?

    I expect the Xehanort from DR to make an appearance in the present timeline, but this time aiding us. As far as nobodies go, there's nobody to command them anymore except maybe Luxu.
  2. Mexican Sora

    Would you buy the compilations again on next-gen

    I've been playing KH UX religiously for a while now and I've never had to spend a dime. Won't lie i've been tempted.
  3. Mexican Sora

    The creation of Naminé and Roxas makes 0 sense. Please help me.

    Namine is a nobody for convenience sake when she is in fact a completely different type of being that hasn't been explored in the series yet. She may very well be the opposite of what Darkness is.
  4. Mexican Sora

    KH 4 Future Intro?

    21 Savage with Chris Brown on the hook. :LOL:
  5. Mexican Sora

    Ending The Debate - Aqua vs Terra vs Ventus on Who Would Win in a Match

    Terra>Aqua>Ventus. Though Ventus probably has the ability to use teh power of friendship!!!1
  6. Mexican Sora

    Future Summons: Disney, Square Enix, Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Fox, etc.

    I dunno but I want Goofy's son Max to join the party. He can be the warrior; we already have Goofy playing defense and Donald as the mage.
  7. Mexican Sora

    Thoughts of genre shifts in KH?

    I don't like it. This was better suited as a mobile game. I would've preferred something like Days where the combat is still KH-like. But other than that MoM is a complete waste of time; similar to COM. I give UX and DR a pass only because they're free.
  8. Mexican Sora

    What are YOU most looking forward to in this game?

    I'm looking forward to watching all 7 minutes of relevant plot scenes on Youtube.
  9. Mexican Sora

    Is it possible to see 20th Century Fox properties in the future?

    Star Wars NEEDS to happen. You can throw him right in the middle of the Clone Wars or something between Episode 2 or 3. Then give him a lightsaber inspired keyblade too.
  10. Mexican Sora

    How Xehanort Left Destiny Islands

    I have an issue in the age discrepancy between Chessnort and Young Xehanort. It implies that Xehanort didn't time travel right after leaving destiny islands but sometime after. Only way this would make sense is if Ansem pulled a Sora and re-wrote the past, implying there are two worldlines.
  11. Mexican Sora

    if you could change One thing in KH what will it be?

    The Mysterious Figure throws a wrench into all of that.
  12. Mexican Sora

    if you could change One thing in KH what will it be?

    Get rid of everything that has to do with Gummi Ships and unnecessary minigames. I don't want to look for Olaf, I don't want to do a training course before heading to the city in San Fransokyo, I don't want to dance with Rapunzel. I'm glad they made Winnie the Pooh optional this time around...
  13. Mexican Sora

    Can Aqua as of now be able to Access Her Anti-Form freely like Sora?

    I don't think Aqua can access those powers unless she learns to control her darkness like Riku and Terra have. Speaking of Terra, since Axel still has access to his chakrams from being a nobody, then it stands to reason Terra may have some of his abilities from Xemnas.
  14. Mexican Sora

    *SPOILERS(?)* ReMind: Skip Kairi Segments

    I'm the second. I liked playing as the other characters but it felt awkward because I was so used to my own setup. The only one I actually did like was Roxas.