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Recent content by Mexican Sora

  1. Mexican Sora

    (SPOILERS) Union X: The World's End

    So according to the dialog the Master of Masters isn't originally from Daybreak Town? And it now seems to me that Ventus is the "Sora" of his worldline before it was completely destroyed. He seems to be just as special as Sora himself is right now.
  2. Mexican Sora

    Xehanort's Ancestor isn't that special Theory

    I'm more on the line that Xehanort was actually there as himself and not the player during the events of UX as a dandelion.
  3. Mexican Sora

    A theory on how a Yozora Kingdom Hearts game would work

    Please, no more Agrabah/Wonderland for the love of god
  4. Mexican Sora

    (Theory) Can the RAX trio be true traitors ?

    Luxu is the traitor. The sigil is in his name.
  5. Mexican Sora

    Could Quadratum Pave The Way For Marvel And Star Wars In Future Games?

    They can have Sora show up right smack dab in the middle of the Clone Wars.
  6. Mexican Sora

    Spoilers ► LEAKS discussion - ENTER AT OWN RISK

    And from what seems from the secret ending in the vanilla KH3; there's also NO Kingdom Hearts in that reality either.
  7. Mexican Sora

    Spoilers ► LEAKS discussion - ENTER AT OWN RISK

    Wouldn't Terra have access to ApprenticeNort's memories as well? Since it was technically his heart and body he should remember everything he did as him and also Ansem SOD/Xemnas. So those memories wouldn't be completely lost like MX said.
  8. Mexican Sora

    Spoilers ► LEAKS discussion - ENTER AT OWN RISK

    Like Toy Box? It was in our faces all along.
  9. Mexican Sora

    A theory on how a Yozora Kingdom Hearts game would work

    When you realize they hinted at an alternate reality in the Toy Story world with Woody and Co. being stuck in a mirror version of their world. Same world we learn of Yozora. NOMURAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  10. Mexican Sora

    Spoilers ► Post-MOM Theories

    Could Mickey and the gang looking for another world with keyblade wielders be why we see Donald and Goofy crash land their Gummi Ship in Daybreak Town? For all we know time could run differently in the unchained realm compared to the real world. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a mission in...
  11. Mexican Sora

    What Scenes/Interactions Do You Want In Future Games?

    Ventus and Roxas for obvious reasons. Ventus and Marluxia/Lauriam Luxord and Ansem the Wise
  12. Mexican Sora

    Vanitas Question

    I think so too especially since Master Xehanort was known as the boy who could see the darkness; could be the reason why he had high interest in Ven. Watch Namine be the opposite of Vanitas and be a species of light.
  13. Mexican Sora

    How Namine and Roxas got a legit heart?

    I want to know how she even identified herself as "Namine" in the first place. That name like her came from nothing.
  14. Mexican Sora

    Vanitas Question

    You're wrong on that part. Both Ventus and Vanitas are both complete beings in BBS, with Ven's heart being recompleted by Sora and Vanitas being recompleted by Master Xehanort. They needed to merge in order to obtain the X-Blade in the graveyard.
  15. Mexican Sora

    How Namine and Roxas got a legit heart?

    In the case of Namine, one can argue that she's always had a heart since Day 1.