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Recent content by Member XIV

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    Does the new Aqua info change the order you'll want to play BBS?

    What I meant was for example, after you select new game, another screen comes up saying Play As Terra/Ven/Aqua, I will play in the order listed.
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    Does the new Aqua info change the order you'll want to play BBS?

    whatever order the game gives the scenarios, is the order i'll play in
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    The World Ends With You | It's A Wonderful World

    Re: The World Ends With You HEEEELP! (Please ;)) It's possible that you didnt beat the pig because it tends to run away as soon as the battle starts unless you attack it nonstop. Best suggestion is to use slash and fire, slash first to keep the pig back and drag the fire as the pig moves, it...
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    A scan that caught my eye

    I found this scan on some blog, it looks like a square game and looks like something for DS, but I'm not sure, if anybody knows the name or can read a little but of japanese, it would be appreciated.
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    I can't read Japanese, but there is enough info here to imply another party, seems like it's going to be held and August AND LOOK, goldmine, KH is going to be there! SQUARE ENIX presents DKΣ3713 Private Party 2008 | SQUARE ENIX
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    KHInsider Official BBS Trailer discussion

    Re: BBS Trailer There are no words to describe how much I love you right now jk OMG, FREAKS OUT!
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    Doing a Level 1 Series

    Well, if some of you remember me, I am the guy that started Magic Only on youtube. Now I'm back and I am trying out Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix + on Lv.1. I am halfway through the game so far and have a nice bit of videos up. It might not be as perfect as Apulapul, but I'm hanging in there, and...
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    Kingdom Hearts R *Hypothetical*

    This is just a hypothetical thing, i seriously doubt SE would consider it. What if SE took Kingdom Hearts 1 and put in KH2 format? For example, Sora performs faster combos, has multiple limits equipped, 4 shortcuts instead of 3, the re-mastered HP bars for sora and enemies and MP Charge Bar...
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    Show me the money

    Okay, once question, if 358/2 Days for the DS in Japan is supposed to realease in a few months (Summer 2008) shouldn't there be more scans in magazines about it, or at least a video of gameplay footage by now (besides that 3 seconds video of Roxas beating the crap out of a shadow). I haven't...
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    IT HAS BEEN DONE! Terra defeated using magic only

    It was rather easy, since I was far away and spamming thunder, but u might like this better, I used Thunder, Fire, and Blizzard. And no damage is harder actually, try my rules, you'll notice Magic leaves you MUCH MORE OPEN! YouTube - KH2FM- Terra (Magic Only) R2 Please remember to tell other...
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    IT HAS BEEN DONE! Terra defeated using magic only

    Good News guys, I beat him, but only during a practice run, so I have to try it again, I'll have the video up ASAP, I can't promise no damage though, magic leaves you wideeee open.
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    IT HAS BEEN DONE! Terra defeated using magic only

    Man, don't you wish Merlin had a request list, and asked you to defeat an ORG Member/Terra from only using a certain type of a Magic. I'd have some nice prizes by now! So far, the furthest I can get terra down is into his desperation move, this is rly hard. I think I might go to KH for some...
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    IT HAS BEEN DONE! Terra defeated using magic only

    Alright guys, I am currently trying out using all types of magic on Terra (not just thunder) also going for no damage, but I doubt that's possible. WISH ME LUCK!
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    IT HAS BEEN DONE! Terra defeated using magic only

    Thanks again for the replies I am currently experimenting with other Org data members to see if any of them are possible to beat with Magic Only, expect more vids soon. I also want to redo this vid as well, I won't take the original down, since it is the first attempt to defeat Terra with...
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    IT HAS BEEN DONE! Terra defeated using magic only

    Most other spells didn't work Fire- Since I couldn't attack him to break his armor AND I have to use it in close range, he kept striking me in the middle of my combos Blizzard- While it is as effective as thunder in distance, the damage was crap Magnet- Costs too much MP, sora executes is...