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    Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD Remix?

    Except Nomura confirmed porting KH3D is technically possible...
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    Pcs2x Kh 2 FM paradox cup STUCK

    If you're using the latest version of PCSX2, dont.Google "best pcsx2 version for kh2fm" and then download that version. Thats my 2 cent.
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    What is "Kingdom Hearts" exactly?

    Wow. That kind of information i was seeking, thanks sephiroth and everyone else who replied. I read bbs/1/2 reports and yet I didnt get the answer. It all make sense now tho. Ansem called Kingdom Hearts through the world hearts thus it was different than Xemnas'.
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    What is "Kingdom Hearts" exactly?

    I see. Hope we can see it in KHIII as well, and yeah I agree that the BBS ver was a connection to the orginal or a vision. It would be nice if anyone can link me to the interviews tho.
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    What is "Kingdom Hearts" exactly?

    ^ So the orginal "Kingdom Hearts" never shown in any game? thanks for the reply btw.
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    What is "Kingdom Hearts" exactly?

    In KHI, Ansem summoned the door to darkness and called Kingdom Hearts. In BBS, Xehanort called Kingdom Hearts and it was a heart shaped. In KHII, Xemnas was trying to collect his own Kingdom Hearts. Heck, he even talked to it. So what excatly is Kingdom Hearts, and what the point of it...
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    Watching recoded movie before playing BBS?

    Is watching the movie before playing BBS is a good idea? Im planning to watch the movie after finishing kh2fm and then play BBS (which have 3 playthrough so itll take some time)
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    Question about Kingdom Hearts lore: Kairi's heart

    ^ what Mar says. It was explained in BBS.
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    PS3 Sound Help: Cut-scene Voices Not Working

    Have you tried adjusting your brightness setting?
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    Why is there such a low completion rate on the HD collection?

    Re: [Discussion] Why is there such a low completion rate on the HD collection? Maybe... Because I (and alot of people) didnt sync our trophies? lol I finished KHFM 100% twice at proud and FM, and Recom twice for both Riku and Sora. But didnt sync trophies for so long :)
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    News ► Official KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.5 ReMix Survey

    ^ I just want to know what is stopping them, not expecting it to be digitally anyway. I mean BBS could be played on vita and psp go if they released it digitally, same problem for kh3d (whenever 4ds release). I hope you're right about KHIII, because it really hard to get disc only games in the...
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    News ► Official KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.5 ReMix Survey

    Wasn't it better they say e3 rather than very soon? Anyway, the only question i want them to answer is: is there a digital ver, and if not, then why? I like to download games that I want to play forever into my system but I cant with kingdom hearts, its ridiculous, cuz kinda all final fantasy...
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    News ► Official KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.5 ReMix Survey

    When will we hear about this, it been a week, too much for "very soon" but this square for ya :/
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    How to fix Walking issues?

    I used it to test ds4 and kh2 graphics, I didnt even played anything (I didnt wanted to spoil the fun since the game is about to release) besides i own the orginal ver + the fm ver. I dont recommend anyone to use the emulator cuz its glitchy and ugly and the HD ver is coming.I was just trying to...
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    How to fix Walking issues?

    Not like its a big issue or anything but sometimes it bugs me (especially when playing new game with no dodge or fly abilities) This issue sometimes happens with ds3 randomly, while using ds4 (which I prefer) only happens when moving northwest.I can ignore that really but trying kh2 in pcsx2*...