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  • Yeah his sword attacks were a lot more powerful than I expected. His arc lightning attack is pretty useful especially if you can get it charged up fully.
    I'm still trying to decide. I like Mega Man and Little Mac but I've discovered I'm pretty good with Robin and Wario.
    Hey, hey MegaCore I added your friend code so we can play SSB. :D Mine is 2922-0397-6172 if you want to add me.
    I did finish it, and it was awesome! Episode 5 was definitely the strongest one, and I was thoroughly impressed with how they handled the different endings. I'm unsure though as to whether season 3 will feature Clem again, or if we may be looking at new characters. I'm just not sure how they would choose to handle everybody having 5 different outcomes.
    Oh, and the Mega Man/Mighty No. 9 story is unfinished, but feel free to check it out, if you want.

    The thread is a mess because of the summer writing contest in July, and I'm only a bronze member so I can't delete posts ^_^'
    Why thank you so much! I apologize for the length, but that makes 4 supporters~ At 5, I'll guarantee writing more ;3

    I have a thread called Short Story. If you want to see a bit of my early work, check it out! Starting with the 'My Wings' story, everything afterward is current. I really improved, I must say ;3
    But as for best work? Well, you'll hafta pick! I spend a long time fixing them up, so most of the time I have them memorized by the time of completion...I'm always ready to move on afterwards! XD
    I dunno how much you like to read or if you've played the Mega Man Zero series, but I took the beginning of the first game and sort've "novelized" it. I put it in Fanfiction, if you're interested~
    I promise I'm a good writer ;3
    KSX will always be king of the sig! Yep, specifically Zero. I'm not much on cloud either. FF has to many moody protag's imo. xD
    Yep, I'll see you then! Get refreshed so you won't die at your computer later haha.
    Just posting this vm for two reasons:

    1.) I wanted to wish you luck. I am indeed motivated.

    2.) In order to get the VM system to work properly, you will have to reply to VMs either in one of two ways: click on "view Conversation" and do it that way or post a reply on the person's profile page. Like, for me, you would reply on my profile.

    But yeha, good luck and such. :3
    I just wanna drop a VM to wish you luck today! Try hard, King Sora X is a formidable opponent when he's in the mood! ;D
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