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  • Indeed, I guess we must move on. *holds back tears*
    Anyways, What was your favorite quote by him in the movie?
    Heh, I do a normal one myself... But, I can't do it as good as Heith... shame he died. Oh well... I just rewatched the movie today with my friends, forgot how good it was.... :D
    Leaked trailers now with subs on KHI's main page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I can't put enough exclamation points!)
    My mouth was open the entire time I was watching it! Axel sounded frustrated, like he didn't want to fight Xion! And, Aqua kicks butt! I seriously can't wait!
    I know! I feel the exact same way! In other news, have you seen the new leaked trailers? Oh my gosh, I'm going to die from anticipation!
    They probably closed it because they didn't like you questioning their motives. Personally, I think SoKai is so much cute. I mean, the whole paupu thing is so sweet! The whole idea of SoRiku is just lust. The problem is that in fandoms guy characters can't be best friends, or hate each other's guts without being yaoi-fied. If it's more encouraging for you, all of my friends who like KH are SoKai shippers. It's probably our culture. (Utah born and bred) It's nice to have a friend on here. I havn't met anyone other than you, so far.
    Hi! I wanted to asnwer your question about why people here hate Kairi, but you closed the thread. They hate her because most of them are Riku/Sora shippers (yuck) and they feel Kairi is the one thing standing in the way of that ship. Personally, I like Kairi. She may not fight well, but geez, does everyone have to fight? Besides, Sora and Kairi have such a cute relationship! Well, there's my take on it...it's probably a good thing that I put this on your profile, and not the thread, because I would get flamed so bad if this were public. Wow, that was long.
    If you want to know why so many people hate Kairi, lookup Suffering Angel and check out her siggy, she has a nice essay explaining it, very literate, very well written.
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