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    Welcome me back, won't ya?

    Well hello all. It's been roughly 5 years since my last appearance on these forums and I'm feeling like a battle is required to get me back into this. This will be an open challenge, to any who will take it. Myself and King Naruto, versus whomever decides to join, aye? Our battlefield? Open...
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    [Music] Powerglove

    lmao, anyone ever see these guys or hear them? I saw them open for Dragonforce a day or two ago and I found them to be one of the best opening bands in a long time. They play VG metal lmfao. Check it: YouTube - Powerglove - Power, Wisdom, Courage
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    Challenge to Antlion

    Yeah, cum ate me wit all ur mite.
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    sup ?
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    Why don't we all wish him a good birthday? <3
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    [Music] Megadeth

    The greatest thrash metal band of all time? I'd say so. Not only was the lead guitarist, Dave Mustaine, the original lead of Metallica, but he is also the current lead of Megadeth. A band so epic, they still have new albums coming out on a normal basis, even if they come across problems. One of...
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    Open Challenge

    Highway is going no where >: I'll go 1-on-1 or 2-on-1. Your call. Don't really care, i'm lacking all skill as even if I make an open challenge it goes no where. =[ This will be Power Character. Standard rules apply.
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    The Highway Lights~Metropolis Part 1

    Part 1 as in this will be a two part battle with what I'll call 'phases'. The main function of this is a change in arena, and a chance for competitors to rethink. This will be a four person battle, no teams or anything. One person will be eliminated before the second part, that is assured...
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    Beginning~Enter Sound

    lol wtfhax. I dunno, I'm bored. I won't be posting actual 'chapters', persay. more like individual pages, like a real novel. lol@yannis. Enter Sound~Prologue In spite of what I last said, I think I should restate the obvious, I have already passed on. Whoever is reading this should know by...
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    [Music] Trivium

    Metal, amirite? Epicz. Personally, I like older Trivium a lot more than their newer stuff because the singing was better... If screaming can sound better ya. They have a lot of fast metal riffs, and from what I've seen, Metallica is their main influence. Here are song examples: YouTube - Pull...
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    Congrats to CtR, a new Supermod.

    She recently (today) was promoted to a supermod. She says it's temporary but she's lying to herself only, well not really, covering for DG. Still I thought it would be nice to make a thread announcing this promotion.
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    [Music] Children of Bodom

    Best melodic death band >: . They synth the crap out of everything and get the best sound possible. They are by far one of the most talented bands out there, and plus, they have guitar skills nearly unmatched. I <3 them and you do too, amirite?
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    Challenge to SF

    Mmmk, so I just finished reading through your Ed, Edd, and Eddy fanfict, I feel that it was very underappreciated. I want a battle specifically with you, in any type. Power, Melee, random characters. I don't care lol, just felt like throwing it open to you. You don't need to accept if you don't...
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    Well looky hurrrr. I just decided to stop by. Eh, warm up? Rules are standard.
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    FullMetal Alchemist~: Seats of Supermacy

    I would like you all to know, to GTFO. This is a trio RP on reliving the old times between myself, Reckless Chaos, and Battlecry. kthnx. The gates have opened for more than one... "Al...are you in here!?" As time grew, some tried to pass through the gates... "I can become better, the ruler...