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  • Hello everybody! We have tons of new awards for the new year that can be requested through our Awards System thanks to Antifa Lockhart! Some are limited-time awards so go claim them before they are gone forever...


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  • Miao~ uwu welp, things are going good, I'm slowly taking every task one by one and work is getting done. This aside, I'm also quite good, when I make some pauses I either dive into science texts, play Super Mario World or watch an episode of Neon Genesis Evangelion one at a time <3
    Today I helped a friend buy a guitar and her face was simply adorable when she felt the guitar in her hands, I bet she almost shed a tear xD
    how aboutcha?
    miao~ u w u
    hey there, I'm alright, studying for coming exams, and also waiting for Christmas (it's tomorrow for me)
    Hey there~~~ = ^ w ^ =
    I'm fine, trying to get more work done, preparing for New Years (and Christmas on the 6th), playing with my dog~
    how were the holidays for ya? ^^
    heheheh it's fine! xD thank you lots, my friend! I embrace you virtually, tho irl I'm still pretty sick (I had almost two weeks of this cold! ahhhh it's enough ; w ; )
    (replying to both messages o w o ;;; )

    I know the feeling of having no power at house for days, happens back at home (countryside, village life, yes, some of the big storms causes electricity to wave goodbye to us), so I'm glad this got fixed in the meanwhile ; w ;
    Speaking of computer cleaning, I need to get that done sometime soon as well...

    Everything fine here, had a lovely day full of medieval philosophy, taught a friend to play chess and had delicious cherry pie <3
    miao~ u w u

    well, I am trying to stay determined to finish as many projects as I can in these two weeks
    and by as many as possible I mean all of them
    I feel lack of motivation tho and it's not ok OTL
    and how about ya?~
    miao~~~ <3 <3 <3

    Things are fine, after being home for some days, playing Dark Souls, being away, preparing and posting my, Fudge's and Voido's art trade, I started working on my uni projects again, though it's less fun, I suppose I'll get more things done... while checking out this band, "How To Destroy Angels", basically the band of the wife of the singer from Nine Inch Nails, and I love Nine Inch Nails xD
    be sure to have a look at the art trade ; w ; it evolved into something sansational!!
    and how are you? ~
    Sorry that I didnt reply
    I was on mobile only yesterday and today too (am enjoying time at home) and it's really a pain to surf the web on mobile for me (even though it works well)
    :'< I will check more carefully on laptop tomorrow
    And I started playing Dark Souls so I am keeping myself busy heheh
    My entire schedule for the week changed so I allowed myself to go home for 4 days and relax, games and books it will be
    I am playing a bit of FFXV before I start Dark Souls >:'D
    How about ya?
    The games are THAT rare and expensive?? wow, this makes me really curious. I should really google more specific info about them, then. And also thanks for recommending the anime! I'd love to watch them. To be honest, I first -first- heard of the .hack series because I saw a promotional image of an anime with .hack, but forgot the actual title.

    I am so glad you basically have Undertale available to play ; w ; I think you'd like the experience this rather short but incredibly beautiful game has to offer. If you get to play it, don't hesitate to share your progress with me <3 <3 <3 or if you'll ever need help with something, just tell and I'll be your spoiler-free guide, heheh
    Ah, yes. good luck with your workout, and be careful :]
    How is the .hack series? I saw the KHI thread about it is active recently, but I don't really know anything about it! D:
    Oh, but he's not an enemy at all... in the route where you fight him, YOU are the enemy... and truly a horrible person... Knowing that, after defeating him, nothing can stop what is gonna happen next (the worst ending possible with some even ...greater consequences), AND that such a funny, nice big bro who WARNED you is dead because of you, AND the fact that he's my favourite character, all of this together only tear my heart apart... yet my gamer "soul" wants to master this difficult boss fight! and I mean DIFFICULT... the game codes keep the count, I lost to him 184 times and won 3 times... The battle is pure adrenaline, but the result of a win is killing my heart simultaneously
    Meow~~~ u w u
    strange day, many things got delayed and there was nothing I could do about it. I don't like this! It also didnt depend on me... but I still feel bad about it
    another thing I feel bad about is defeating Sans a third time... GOSH is his battle hard................ but..... before finishing the fight, I let him sleep for 3 hours... yeah, kept the game open, with just him, sleeping... (changed my avatar too, I had to make another small gif with him sleeping peacefully)...
    how about ya?
    Miao! >:'3

    everything going well, had good constructive discussions with two teachers about a comic book I wanna make, had lots of laughs and nice talks at philosophy, finally met with art classmates a bit (I don't really had the time to hang out..), dynamic life, I guess xD
    howaboutcha? u w u and did the server get fixed?
    That's great to hear~
    on my side, I got a lot going on here, a lot of interactions with new folks at the philosophy uni, since really a LOT of 1st year students had the initiative to create a philosophic discussion & text analysis circle or, em, club? and so far I've been to the first two of their meetings, together with some Master level students, and everybody together with a few teachers really make the atmosphere superb. Think about the image of me bringing and making coffee for, like, 10 coffee-lovers and other 10 non-coffee-drinkers people passionately discussing till almost 8 p.m.
    It feels splendid to me, I never experienced such a thing ; w ;

    And that cyber attack sounds nasty, hope they'll deal with it quickly so that you can be a glad white mage instead of a sad white mage!
    Hey there, it's ok, you know how I just stop by here on the forums and am not always the quicker responder either xD
    I hope there won't be any problems, and definitely keep an eye on it D:

    how have you been, besides medically? xD
    Sorry for the late reply! Sunday ended up pretty busy, I was at an art exhibition + art performance with a friend, ended up discussing all kinds of stuff till late in the park, good moments...
    That's was basically it, and I already feel guilty for wasting time again
    the guilt will eat my soul one day xD
    ....though I hope not
    everything goin' alright there? ^^

    Good that it was just that, your body should recover from that pretty much naturally, right? I'm glad the solution is this simple, so it's not a bigger problem after all ^^
    Schedule gets busier and busier, but still I love it. I simply can't help but feel ridiculously good studying Aristotle and analysing his works word by word through different translations, the teacher who has this course with the Master class (heheh, yeah we license-level students can sneak in and contribute too~) is amazing, the discussions bring me to life xD
    but then again I have to clean the apartment and cook and that is completely different from the intellectual delight I have doing other things q _ q
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