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  • Hello everybody! We have tons of new awards for the new year that can be requested through our Awards System thanks to Antifa Lockhart! Some are limited-time awards so go claim them before they are gone forever...


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  • Hello~ late reply is late, but in fact I don't log in to KHI anymore. I'll leave this place, logged in now to change my sig and leave some messages I guess.
    No holiday season for me since I celebrate according to the old calendar. But the rest of things are going nicely~
    I hope you're doing alright and I'm sending you hugs <3 take care and goodbye
    I see. How hard (and how long on average) is it to create a new pattern from scratch? I imagine there must be some kind of method of forseeing the final outcome, but some of them just look so complicated.

    I'm curious about the rest of the song too. Don't know if I'd wanna hear it before I see the full opening (mainly just cause I want it to be special, ya know?), but I don't think I'd mind too much anyway. That said, I still can't believe it's so close. We've got *one* trailer left! What do you think they're gonna show? I think it's a little too late to reveal any kind of new worlds, but I won't dismiss it entirely (especially since we don't have many candidates for the new PoH crew).
    Lol, that's a good point, some gaming companies are relentless. So it's more a matter of respect than legal issues? That actually really sweet of you! ^^

    So what are your thoughts on the new trailer? Any interesting takes? I personally loved it, but I'm going to reserve my final thoughts for the full thing.
    Advice noted. 📝 Wish I had a bit more info from him to work with, but that's primarily my fault for not properly keeping in touch (he lives down in SC). In anycase, I'll just do what I can for now.

    Btw, I looked at your knitting/crocheting thread. Really impressive stuff! I'm sorry you couldn't maintain that online store, but I understand if it's for legal reasons. On the subject, and if you don't mind my asking, how exactly do the patterns you use interfere with your ability to sell any of your creations? I ended up getting pretty confused when I read that, lol.
    That's so sweet! I used to love crocheting when I was little, but I couldn't go very far with it since I never got any good teachers. I'm sure your family will be super greatful for your hard work! ^^ It's a rare treat now adays to see someone pouring so much time and care into their gifts. In fact, I think I'll do the same! My little brothers was recently and I didn't have time send him a proper gift, so I think I'll send him a nice B-day song. Singing is one of the only things I honestly feel I'm good at, so hopefully he'll understand the thought put behind it.
    Hey! So yeah, I forgot messaging on this forum was a thing, lol. Sorry it took me so long to see your message; my summer got really hectic about mid way through and hasn't gotten much better. Mostly just about finding career experience, getting a job, making a good path toward a successful future, etc. Still playing this game btw... Anywaaay, how have things been on your end recently?
    That's wonderful progress of things! I wish you good health, I hope the situation will only get better and better in time for you ^^
    Ah, I apologize for not replying. I always suck at replying at visitor messages it seems (;´ ^ `) ...
    These two weeks were really ... um, fast and furious xD but slowly the uni schedule seems to stabilize, so no more surprises and unnecessary running aroun... soon... I hope T ^ T these starting weeks are the worst all the time
    how about you?
    Hey there~

    I'm alright, still have a few days of vacation and then I'll return to uni and all the research and work that I need to tackle. I honestly can't wait to get back to my working rhythm, also because now it'll be like a new life for me, without that emotionally draining art uni >:'D
    This aside, I kinda want to get active on the forums again, but the atmosphere is rather aggressive and so far the welcome isn't what I'd call friendly..
    Anyway, how are you? Is your "Last reply wins" thread still alive btw? xD
    I'm really happy for you, I know from some of my friends that stress-eating can cause a lot of trouble. I think I have the opposite, when I'm stressed I tend to not eat at all - that's the other side of the same problem :<
    I hope there'll be no unnecessary conflict between the two of you :< you both surely deserve peaceful times, or well at least I know you sure want your own peace at least, I hope you'll get it soon :<

    Congrats, that is indeed good news if that is what you also wanted, I'm glad for you :D
    hey there~
    I'm currently still in summer vacation (till october) and I enjoy it a lot. Two days ago I finished Dark Souls 1 and it was an amazing game experience, I loved it, glad I got the game.
    How about ya? What do you mean with "stay out of the way for now" :< ? everything ok?
    Things are good, finally good! Finished art uni, applied for philosophy master degree (entry exams are still ongoing), and I'm slowly returning to all my online accounts I abandoned since June OTL
    how about ya?
    that's good to hear~

    when exactly is E3 this year? I swear I am so out of the loop, I don't know what happened, what happens and what will happen OTL

    There's an ocean of things to do and work on, and the time is rather short, but still I manage
    it's getting more exhausting though. One more month will be this busy
    and how are ya?
    OTL that reminds me I still didn't check out the series, but I guess when vacation arrives I'll have time for gaming stuff once again

    Hello there!! long time no chat, I apologize, uni life needs me these months OTL
    I'm pretty good, things advance smoothly towards graduating art uni, and I plan future things regarding philosophy studies. How about ya?~
    Miao~~ Hello there! sorry for the late reply OTL I am pretty busy with uni, but everything is going great and I really enjoy it, I'm thrilled for all the new things to come @ philosophy, and working on my art license also progresses smoothly

    Oh dear, back then I read all the useful 3DS info you shared and I am honestly so thankful T w T really, especially since I am suspicious that my 3DS battery loses power way too fast already... thanks again for that <3
    So now the sweet thing is finally solved! That's a relief! I'm so glad T w T so what are your plans now?~
    Gosh, the trailer gave me more than I expected!! with showing Vanitas there and the background music being his orchestra ver. theme <3
    though I gotta admit seeing gameplay of KH3 doesn't excite me anymore. I am sure it will excite me when I'll be playing the game itself, but as of now, I grew pretty uninterested. Or should I say I am already interested enough lol ?
    What happened to the old 3DS battery? I fear that one day my beautiful red 3DS XL will be damaged or that it will lose battery power too quickly so if I could prevent anything that would save me some real tears ; o ;

    hello there!~ I'm fine, thank you, I've been doing great over here at the philosophy uni, I have such a nice time here with these people ; w ;
    and how are ya?~
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