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  • Did you see my sig? I sure do! (Friend code in my sig; if you want to add, make sure you let me know what yours is!) It's sitting right by me on the top of my pc as we speak. Purple original 3DS; I got it from Gamestop a while back and have been catching up on DS and 3DS games ever since..As my spending money allows.

    And neat. I'll bookmark and check it in more depth once i'm not relying on wiki spoilers/spoilers in general for the games I missed due to no system.
    Hopefully he gives it to you then!! The PS store has all kinds of cool stuff. Besides the KH remixes my favorite titles would have to be the Ico collection and Journey.
    Do you have a 3Ds to play DDD on?

    I found an interesting tumblr yesterday about KH: Gram's Corner
    I'll remember that once I get a PS3/PS4 of my own. Bro is seriously considering letting me have his PS3 when he gets his tax refund back (I thought he wasn't going to get that Wii U for a while but i guess he is) but that also means i'll get both KH collections (FINALLY; no use getting them if I have nothing to play them on) once he does. Oh and DDD soon after so I can be caught up while I save for that PS4.
    Lol I miss memory cards. Yeah Sony doesn't exactly have my trust. I have found you can buy PS cards on Amazon though. You get a code and put it in and boom instant points.
    I was thinking mem card, stupid me!

    And I gotcha, using PSN cards to protect yourself since Sony's been hacked too often lately? I'm with ya.
    yep. Zidane's the one with the monkey tail :)

    If you use a PS3, you proly won't need one; it's on the PSN network after all as a downloadable. Did a quick search: here. I hope that helps.
    Hmm I may have to look into that next time I have a PS card.
    Zidane had the tail right?
    It was released in 2000; btw, it should be on the PS Store if you want to play it again.

    And yes, that was a good while ago. Oh and if you didn't know, she's Zidane's girlfriend in that game. (I wonder if she'll show up with her summoning ways in KH?)
    I've never played it personally but I do remember seeing it long ago. (I think it was a friends game but I recognized the face somewhere)
    Damn I feel old. How long ago was FF9? lol
    I know this is random but who is your avie? I know I've seen that character before but I can't remember where. :confused:
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