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  • Star wars is just to big to adapt to KH. As is Marvel. Could you imagine the dark world of marvel in KH? =_=
    BBS was already go close to star wars as i would've liked. I don't want anymore. I fear where it will lead ya know? D=

    I agree. crossovers are tricky because you can't just throw anything in. Look at KH for example. It doesn't just copy and paste FF characters into it. Nomura goes out of his way to tweak their designs and change their backstories (and in Leon's case even personalty slightly) so that they fit into KH's universe. FF are cameos added to give it something more.
    KH also alters Disney aspects to make them fit even if the trend of copy and pasting movie plot has been rampant since KH2. The World Ends With You characters were also altered and so was their setting.

    What I like about KH is it mixes things into it's own story. Which is why I can't understand why no one notices characters aren't the same as their original versions or why they think just throwing anything in will work out. Do you?
    I dont think he'll even do that much. Sora never said he hated darkness. Xemnas points out in KH2 that he, Riku and Mickey "accept darkness yet choose to live in the light". I don't think Sora will need to confront any darkness of his in KH3. I could see him having to confront the darkness of those sleeping inside him though. Gotta wake them up somehow. =D

    I hope not. No more star war stuff. TnT
    He got angry in Chain of Memories. He was near antagonistic but meh we won't see that ever again.

    I doubt Sora will fall to it elite ice that would be repetitive of DDD.
    Also don't sell yourself short! I've seen many that wrote fanfiction far better than the game stories.
    You have a pretty name. *o*
    And a big home page. xD

    I could see Sora training but I don't think he needs to worry about darkness anymore. If I understand what the more informed members post correctly what made Sora fall to sleep was Xehanort tugging at the hurt if this inside him. Save them and nothing to fear. Plus I don't see Xehanort trying for Sora again.
    It's going fine. I'm actually getting somewhere with my digital art. (yay!) Then yesterday was a railroad of emotion thanks to Gravity Falls and Steven Universe. TnT
    lol Wait till you get to Reverse Rebirth. =]
    Nice find. =D
    Have you got all the trinities in Agrabah? I think some dogs are in trinities.
    Hmm....I dont remember which those are....I didn't bother with the puppies much back then.

    Don't worry if you did. I do know that they moved things in the FM so that anything can be found by backtracking. Originally you could lose trinities forever in the vanilla.
    They are all where they should be in FM. There should still be some in Halloween Town you need glide for. o_0
    lol I want to see BH6 too. Someone keeps hounding me too. xD

    Some are hidden very well. Make sure to high jump in Halloween Town in the main area with the fountain.
    I may if it's not to big. I rarely find FF games I like but I do try.

    I would just like one that can load videos properly.
    lol That's fine. Everyone does it. I was just asking because it makes it impossible for you messages to be missed if you click the "view conversation" then post because it sends the recipient a notice.

    My internet is poor so I can't do steam or Mognet stuff. Dx
    Luckily I'm not a completionist. lol
    That's a good start. I couldn't get into Bravely Default or FF3 personally but I like Recoded and I played the original Devil Survivor which rocked. I got stuck often on it as well too. lol
    Have you tried any downloadable games?

    Is FF3 any different on PC?

    I see. I'd go with the remastered Coded personally. The DS version is fun but the movie is quicker and slightly more enjoyable. We have actually fight scenes in it unlike Days movie.
    DDD isn't just a headscratcher it's a pain in the @ss. haha
    So you read some of it? Makes sense.

    You know your posting on your own page right? =3
    Bravely Default at the moment, some Re:Coded (I really need to figure out how to get past the damage-Data-Sora blocks, those are driving me nuts at the moment while trying to debug data-Riku), FF3 (Beat before they turned the DS servers off) and Final Fantasy IV. I also have Devil Survivor Overclocked and am stuck on that.

    Recently rebought FF3 for the PC because they turned the DS Internet servers off. FFXIV's WoD raid has given me a huge itch to play that game again..but I want to make sure I get Onion Knight..(Steam had a Square Enix sale this weekend; all their games half off.)

    I did spoiler myself on DDD, tho haven't watched any CS's since I do have that 3DS. I'd rather watch them on the system, but I don't want to play it until I either beat Coded or watch the remastered Coded in the second KH collection. (KH can be confusing enough sometimes, and sounds like DDD can be a headscratcher!) Spoilers don't reveal all the details after all. Even better; I'd rather wait until I catch up, since I missed a TON of games just b/c I didn't have the system or the money to buy the games at the time, which sucks.
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