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  • I never thought of it like that... Plans for Pete. Well, Julius is cooler and scarier than Pete, but I think he'll remain just a secret boss from DDD
    I know this series is crazy sometimes and I would expect really anything to happen *what if Pete was transformed*
    nah, that Traverse Town was a Sleeping World, probably something happened to Julius' world and he ended up in Traverse Town o.o

    Battling Julius is perfect for conquering your fear of getting hit, I tend to run around and dodge too much because I'm kinda scared to get hit, but I beat Julius with the Balloon/Balloonra strategy, and then I re-battled him a bunch of times using Action Commands and regular attacks only. Julius is big and scary and hits hard x___x
    Mwahahahaha! told ya there's something in Traverse Town...someone waiting for you at the Fountain Plaza >:'3 But did you manage to beat Julius?
    I remember how I met Julius... I was just exploring Traverse Town for fun with my new fabulous Super Glide when I got into that massive battle that scared me a lot, especially the Thunder-based attacks, when I saw those I panicked, got trashed and then, with the Continue screen in front of my eyes, I said to myself with the most serious tone ".......I need a strategy".
    well, I'm busy with school, started a Tumblr for fun, no time for actual gaming, but I'll be good xD
    and you, how are ya?
    Ohhhhh, I hope you enjoyed the Anti Black Coat fight, it's one of the most epic battles in KH, with awesome music. You can't re-fight it, sadly, I would totally practice with Anti Black Coat (I usually do hard/challenging bossese re-fights to make my battle skills and reactions quick, strong and efficient aka PERFECT, mwahahahaha)
    Twice for Armored Ventus Nightmare?? And Xehanort only 1 try? lol, you're unique, girl xD
    that's exactly what I like, analyzing everything in a game, including changes in characters. Psych major, you say? That sounds extremely interesting! o.o
    I'll check you fanfics out asap, I'm in last high school year and everything is a disorganized mess, my class works together horribly
    I also think Sora will be that unique case of "child at heart, but also mature", which is really, really lovely. I'm so glad you enjoyed the game! :D
    how were your battles? any retries? frustration? hope not! but I also hope you were surprised when this happened: *Young Xehanort voice* "TIME STOP!"
    That's good, see? Those rare Dream Pieces are great occasions to gain lots of Ability Points. I'm glad you got the bird! You'll have fun with Tornado in field battles, I know it xD
    The choice is yours and yours alone~ I was just there to give you suggestions :3
    All that killing stuff? you mean... ability link points?
    I know the wikis, I just thought it would save you time if I wrote the recipe too, since I already had my 3DS on o.o
    Around level 70 is great for most KH games, so DDD should be no different. I know that, replaying the battles with my current level (75 Sora, 78 Riku), the job's done pretty quickly and my defense is high enough by itself to be able to get hit quite a few times.
    oh, and I forgot to mention...
    Halbird recipe: Epic Fantasy x1 + Lofty Fancy x4
    easy to get, just one more Epic Fantasy might be harder
    that bird is really worth it
    Sorry to hear about the mom part. D=
    There has to be some jobs you can find though. Maybe something over the computer?

    Steven Universe tonight was flippin beautiful. TuT
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